Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dragged Out of the House

This afternoon I decided that I couldn't take it anymore, and went to go see my dad's friend who is "my doctor" for the moment. He's a General Practitioner, and I don't have anyone else, so, I go see him. He usually will see me at his house - but since he will be playing tennis tonight, he asked me to come to his office, right away. I learned, that the Amoxicyllin that I am on, isn't the greatest to treat bronchitis - that it is meant for ear infections or sinus infections. GREAT! I've been on this medication for a week already - no wonder I'm not feeling any better. He gave me Zpak which I've been on before (even during pregnant - back in May when I had bronchitis last) and hopefully it will start to kick in soon! I need this coughing to go away!

On the knitting front:

I had to change the baby v-neck cardigan over to straight needles because the bamboo needles that I was using was making the sock yarn stick. I still can't believe that I'm using US6 (4mm) needles on SOCK YARN! LOL... but that's what the pattern asked for - and so I went with it! I can't wait for this baby sweater to start actually looking like something! I've never made a sweater before, so I am very excited to start working on sleeves and stuff!

My 26 week pregnant belly. Today marks 26 weeks. Wow - time flies. Only 14 weeks left until my due date - that's crazy. We are sooo excited and now that we're back we must start looking into getting the nursery ready!

Tonight, I don't know how - but Angela convinced me to leave the house for a bit... and go out to a new knitting meeting location - for those knitters in the Plateau (It is really easy to get to Jenn C. - it's not on a shelf somewhere - promise!)

I took 2 pictures tonight to show, and here is everyone knitting around some tables:

And here is Kate's daughter Tadpole joined us at knitting tonight:

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