Friday, September 15, 2006

Lisbon, Portugal, Day 7

What a beautiful day it was today in Lisbon, Portugal. Today was the complete opposite than from yesterday. J didn’t really love Vigo, Spain, but getting off in Lisbon, it was another story. It was just beautiful. We got off in town, and it was just a totally better atmosphere than yesterday. I took some beautiful photographs, and the locals were so much nicer, and actually spoke English. Also - there was a lot more shops open and things to do. I was actually able to find some souvenirs and stuff in Lisbon. Vigo - was almost anti-tourist!

The best 70 cents euro I spent today was to a boy on the streets playing an organ. He had a little dog with him, and the dog held the money bucket in his mouth. What was cute, is that the dog was howling along with the organ the boy was playing. It was very sad, but yet extremely cute at the same time. I gave him 70 cents to be able to take some pictures of it.

Today, I had a food ordering experience, yesterday, it was J who had the food ordering experience (the hamburger that he thought he was getting ended up being eggs and a sausage patty)… but today, I ordered Spaghetti Bolognes. Can’t go wrong with that, you’d think? Well, my spaghetti came, but with a pile of meat in the middle, and cut up tomatos around the plate, with KETCHUP (YES YOU READ RIGHT) sprayed wildly around the plate. It was as if someone went wild playing with ketchup. It was quite the experience.

This afternoon we stayed by the pool, I went swimming a little, and have been working on my tan. I love having a tan.

What else? I got my nails done in the salon (just a polishing). My nails (since taking off the acrylics, before the trip) have been brittle and really weak. So today I finally got fed up and had to get them polished.

Tonight we had dinner in the restaurant with a guy that J’s been playing poker with in the casino and his wife. Dave & Kathy. They are really nice. They actually got married 25 years ago on the 19th of September! (The day after our 1 year anniversary!) So we’re both celebrating our anniversaries next week! It was really nice talking to them, and Kathy and I chatted until just now while both boys played poker. They are really nice.

Hmm, what else? Not much else, I don’t think. Not besides our lovely day in Lisbon, and our lovely dinner, and my funny spaghetti story. Tomorrow we’re in Cadiz, Spain, Sunday in Casablanca, Morocco (AFRICA!) and Monday in Gibraltar (on our 1 year anniversary!) Looking forward to the next full week of fun!

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