Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cadiz, Spain, Day 8

We got to sleep in a little today, as we only docked at the port around 9 am. So we took our time, got up, and had a late breakfast, after some nice long hot showers, and then headed into town. We bumped into one of the guys that J has been playing poker with at night, (who actually is originally from Verdun and his wife from Longueuil but are now living in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia or something), and they told us that for 9 euros we could take a tour on a double decker bus for about an hour, with a guide (via headphones in your language), and that was well worth our money. We really enjoyed Cadiz. J and I both want to come back here one day, and spend a week. It’s just gorgeous. It’s our favourite city so far I think. What beauty here. And apparently tonight, we learned that Cadiz got one of the cleaniest cities awards in Europe this year.

Today, while in Cadiz, a lady whom was sitting at lunch next to us yesterday, whom we told her not to order Spaghetti Bolognes (due to the ketchup as sauce) ran into us (she’s on our ship) and thanked us for telling her not to eat that (she ended up ordering the swordfish, which is what J had and recommended to her). She ran into us in the streets while we were sitting down enjoying a slushie (it was SPIKE HOT today) and she was like “Hey! You’re the Spaghetti Bolognes lady” - lol…. apparently that’s my new nickname, haha!

I took a ton of pictures here, did some shopping, and just fell in love with the area and atmosphere.

This evening we had dinner with Dustin & Jazzy (nickname for Jasmine) who are from Portland Oregon (same where the couple we dined with last night). Dustin is 29 and Jazzy is 31. They are really nice. They got married last May, a few months before us, and are now taking their final vacation before having kids. It was really nice dining with them, and I hope to again before this trip is over. Looks like we’ll have some places to stay if we should ever want to go out to Oregon!

J just headed down to the casino, and I decided to come online, and check my email as well.

People on the ship know about the shooting that happened at Dawson College, as it’s on CNN in our staterooms. I have not caught any information, besides an article on that a friend emailed me, and information from my knitting buddy Jennie - whom was in the school when it happened. I will ask her permission if I can post her story. If so, then I will.

OH! I FOUND a yarn shop here in Cadiz! I BOUGHT SOME YARN!!!!! I bought yarn in spain! HEE HEE! Some Merino, in pink. I am in love with the colour, and bought 4 balls, hopefully it will be enough for a hat and mittens. I took pictures of the yarn shop outside and inside. (I also have pictures of the other yarn shops that I’ve been into in the other countries!)

I forgot to bring any stitch markers with me, and have nothing to turn into stitch markers, and I need some for the baby sweater I’m knitting for baby S, and finally found some little elastics today, to turn into stitch markers. I couldn’t find ANYTHING at all on the ship to turn into stitch markers. Resources have been limited here for that! AND I can’t find a single lady knitting on board….! I need to know how to make button holes. I am on row 22 I think, and on rows 39 and 50 I have to make button holes. I’ve never done this before. If I find an internet cafe in a future city, I will see if I can google it and print it, otherwise, it’s too expensive while at sea on the ship. (.35 cent per minute! AND I’VE BEEN PAYING THAT - UGH!)

What else?

TOMORROW I AM IN AFRICA! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I can’t believe it myself. Casablanca, Morocco is where I’ll be! I am sooooo excited, let me tell you!

Tonight we gain back 2 hours, but then as soon as we leave Casablanca tomorrow, we have to push forward our clocks yet again. Sucky, but what can you do?

I think that’s it for today. If I forgot anything, it can wait for tomorrow!

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