Monday, September 25, 2006

Time Difference Sucks. When it’s 6 am, I want Lunch!

I’m very disappointed. For three reasons.

1) 18th Annual Vermont, Sheep and Wool Festival was September 9th & 10th, and I missed it. (It’s usually in October, no?) Well, this year it came early, and I was in Europe (which probably was a better and warmer location to be) but… it was probably a fun time missed. Oh well - there’s always next year.

2) My Prenatal Aqua class tonight was cancelled - the teacher had her daughter’s 15th birthday dinner. (I feel like now I’ve wasted a membership. No aqua tonight, no aqua next week as it’s a Jewish Y and next Monday is one of the HOLIEST Jewish high holidays - Yom Kippur, and then what - no Aqua on Thanksgiving Monday the following week? She’s deciding whether there will be a class or not… I hope there is… I can’t wait another three weeks for an aqua class)!

3) The Prenatal Yoga class I signed up for a the same Y is NOT happening. A) no teacher to teach it (there was one but she backed out) and b) apparently not enough interest. (Another reason why I feel that my Y membership is now a waste of money. Thank goodness I only took a 3 month membership, one month already wasted due to all these cancelled Aqua classes…. damn it!)

On another note…. this time difference thing is hard. Jet lag - call it what you want. I’m messed up. Going to be super early (since it’s late in Europe) and getting up super early… I feel like lunch when it’s actually breakfast time and I feel like dinner when it’s lunch time. Talk about being messed up. Apparently for every hour of time difference it takes 1 full day to recouperate. 6 hours = 6 days. Ask me again on Friday how I feel - I’ll let you know!

Some things I want to show off!

I got this book in the mail today, it’s a book on a mitten… And it’s sooo cute! I can’t wait to read it to baby Sean!I picked up my lamination from the photolab today, and I love it. It was the b&w dog photograph that Purina (dog food) bought off me, and used for their ad in DOGS ANNUAL IN CANADA (which is still on stands probably for another month - until the new edition comes out next month). I should really consider sending them more of my dog images, and see if they’ll buy anything else for their ads!

My name was in the spine of the book, so the reason why I had to put a black border around the lamination, was so that they didn’t chop off my name! Go me! My first published item!

Oh - here’s a picture of me from last week knitting on board! I guess it was a little windy that day, it was like the only time during the day I was wearing long sleeves!

My knitting progress on board (which is way in the past…. it’s actually starting to look like something now - I just wanted to show off my on board knitting!)

It’s getting late, almost 9pm and I’m zonked. Bed time.

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