Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day At Sea, Day 11

Today we slept in until noon, and that was much needed. We have both been zonked, that last week is kind of catching up to us. All the walking around - it’s tiring. Especially at 6 months pregnant!

My sore throat from yesterday is still bothering me. I really hope that it goes away. This afternoon I checked my emails, and then headed down to the casino where J already was. (Go figure!) I started with 102$ in chips and ended my afternoon with 160$ in chips. I am very happy about that. My best hand today - which J stayed in on (I tried to send him vibes to fold his hand - but he was being stubborn - and RAISING TOO - but we weren’t the only two in the hand… so that’s okay)… so yeah… my hand! I had pocket Cowboys (two Kings) and on the flop comes King, King, something else (the rest is irrelevant!) The turn and the river are irrevelant as well, as I had FOUR kings! J had a good hand too, but not as sweet as my nuts…. (Nuts is a good poker hand - so you can learn your lingo!) He’s still shocked about that hand - let me tell you.

Anyhow, tonight we had dinner with our new friends Dustin & Jazzy, who are really nice. They are from the Portland, Oregon area. They have been married just a few months longer than us (May 2005), and are also Texas Hold’em players. (It seems to be that the friends we made on this cruise are all hold’em players - lol).

After dinner, we all headed back down to the casino for some more poker action. I am still up, but I lost the 60$ that I made this afternoon. That’s okay though, I think I was playing a little stupid. Or, just not the right hands. That’s okay though, there is still time to make back the money! As soon as I lost the 60$, I walked away from the tables, J’s still down there playing, but I had to walk away before I played even more stupidly… you know?

Today, being a sea day, nothing else is going on. I didn’t partake in the slot tournament today, just didn’t feel lucky enough… J did try out the blackjack tournament, but didn’t make it in. I did tell off some guy this evening that was standing around the poker tables smoking. You are allowed smoking in the casino, but not at the texas hold’em tables… so I opened my mouth. If people aren’t allowed smoking at the table, then this guy shouldn’t be allowed standing over our shoulder smoking, so I opened my mouth, but I don’t think the guy spoke too much English, because I don’t think he understood me. Eventually I made a motion of smoking and waved my finger no, and I think he got the idea, cuz he finally left. It’s absolutely disgusting how many Europeans smoke. It’s like every single European and their dog smokes. That’s one thing I’ve realized in the past week. I swear! It’s like 4 out of every 3 Europeans smoke. I’m not joking. My unborn child is getting 2nd hand smoke from Europe, it’s pretty gross!

Alright, I’m going to go read. I’ve finished reading Tales from the Crib by Jennifer Coburn, and now I’m reading Marley & Me by John Grogan. I’ve been reading about one book a week now since I’ve graduated…. and I want to keep up the reading as there are so many books that I want to read before the baby is born and I have no time to read anymore!

Tomorrow we’re in Barcelona, Spain! I can’t wait!

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