Saturday, September 30, 2006

Go Habs Go!

Today was a great day, because it was simple. I like simple days. Especially when I’m tired. I’m almost in my 3rd trimester (Oct 12th marks my 3rd!)

Today, I slept in as much as I could with an almost 4 year old over at our place, which means I was up at 8:30 am this morning - around - and hung out with my nephew and sister-in-law and hubby all morning. My nephew’s new favourite movies are the Harry Potter Series, so I watched a bit of that (even though trying *not* to pay attention because I was told to read the books first, and I’ve only seen the first 2 movies (and I don’t remember much of the second one) so I want to read the books first - which are almost next on my reading list anyhow)…

On our way to lunch I stopped off at a second hand book store for my sister-in-law - I called and had them put aside a copy of Hamlet for her (she wants to read it - not for school - for herself - not my cup of tea - but anyhow!) and she ended up finding a book for only 5$ more but with ALL of Shakespeare’s Collection. She was happy. We even picked up some books for my nephew - he loves to read. I told him he has to teach his cousin baby S when he’s born to appreciate books like he does. He said “no problem!” Good! I want to raise a reader - as I’m a reader…. (J’s not. He reads the paper every morning and he has a subscription to a hockey magazine, but that’s the extent of his reading….. besides what he reads online….. but he won’t indulge in a good book). I’ve always been a reader. I’ve always LOVED collecting books, reading books, having a library. I think it’s fantastic to read. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We met J’s step-sister and step-niece for lunch along with J’s dad and step-mom - as we are celebrating J’s dad’s 60th birthday, which happens to be on Oct.11th - but since J’s sister is in from out of town - we figured it was perfect to ‘do lunch’ today. I won’t say no to chinese food! Today, it was J & I as well as J’s sister who treated everyone to lunch. J’s dad usually likes to pay the bill when we all go out - but since it’s his birthday, and we wanted to treat, we had to be really sneaky about it - and take care of the bill BEFORE the bill came to the table, so that J’s dad wouldn’t fight us to pay it! LOL… sneaky guy!

We just chilled out this afternoon - I was a little zonked, so I layed in bed for a bit, day dreaming - not actually sleeping, until we left to go to the Habs game. Wow - what a game. The Habs played the Ottawa Senators, and we kicked their butts, but only with like 2 minutes left in the game. The first period ended with a tie 2-2…. second period ended with the Senators up 5-3. (We were cringing in our seats!) And in the third period, we managed to score THREE more goals, to win the game, with only 2 minutes left. It was beautiful. You should have heard the crowd. Baby S - he heard the crowd. He was having a party in my stomach!

This evening J & I just finished watching the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I’m not too sure what the point of that movie is all about…? Anyone? Help? It was really well done, but just…. no point?? Or maybe we missed the point??? Has anyone seen it? Got any feedback? I did manage to get a LOT of knitting done on my Baby V-neck Cardigan…. it’s coming along great. I’m done the body, and now I’m about to start on the sleeves! Wish me luck - it’s my first sweater!

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