Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Have Knitting A.D.D.

This morning I once again did NOT make it to the Deep End Aqua class offered at my local Y. Waking up and making it there (around the corner) for 10:35 am (in the pool) was just not working for me. So I slept in until about noon. I got up, and decided that I HAD TO learn how to make a tissue cozy - right there and then. Still in my pj's and still with messy hair and morning breath - I took out the material that Cynthia sent me and took out the tissue cozy that Cynthia actually once made me in a previous swap - and came up with this:

I am pretty damn impressed with myself, and my use of a sewing machine (improving daily!) I love using my machine, and just can't stop wanting to use it. (Don't worry - my knitting will always come first in my heart - but sewing - wow - who knew I had it in me?) Anyhow, I love the little knitting fabric cozy, the fabric with Cynthia herself designed and had printed onto fabric. (Tres cool!) Well, the amount of material that Cynthia sent me - was the most perfect amount for this cozy. Too bad there was none to spare - it would have been awesome to do more with this AWESOME fabric. Well, now that I can make a tissue cozy on my own (I even printed a "pattern" for one, but it was for PUFFS, which are a much bigger tissue pack thatn the standard sized ones, so I tossed it out).

Upon finishing my tissue cozy, Angela showed up. I got ready and we headed out to the west of the island, first stopping at Fabricville. Apparently one is opening on Decarie, right around the corner from me, but there is nothing about it on their website, and there is no email address for them on their site - so I can't even contact them to find out - and no one in the store knew when it was opening. I got some cute fabric there - some for Sean (some seseme street material that I don't know what I am going to make with it yet) and some other material for me, and some for some needle cases that I think I want to make and try selling on Etsy.

Ok, wanna hear weirdness????? I'm at Fabricville filling out a membership (which in the end I didn't need because my I.D card from the college I just graduated from - apparently gives you the equivalent to the membership - seeing as though it's a fashion school. And the fact that I've graduated was not asked, and the fact that I didn't attend the fashion school but instead graphic design, was not asked either - so what information they don't know - saved me 15$ for a membership, and still saved me money!) I'm all for saving money! Anyhow, but before my membership was cancelled off their records, I was filling out the membership page, and who renewed her membership, TODAY of all days, and I just missed her in the store? Take a wild guess!!! My ex-boyfriend's mother - the one I contacted earlier last week about the quilting guild/classes/information! This is wayyyyy to weird. So it made me feel guilty for avoiding her last email, and I emailed her back tonight, telling her that I was at Fabricville today, and that I am only okay with us talking "quilt-talk" if it's okay with Eric (her son, my ex). I mean, she's a really nice woman, a breast cancer survivor, and a wonderful person with a good heart, but I won't feel comfortable talking to her, if her son isn't cool with it. He was the one who dumped me, after all, not wanting anything to do with me - but then again, that was over 6 years ago, in 2000, and well, we're older and wiser now. Let's see what she responds.

Angela and I hit up Walmart to see what they had in their fabric liquidation bin, and I ended up getting some fabulous material (Not in the liquidation bin, but anyhow) for a GORGEOUS quilt for baby Sean - I just have to figure out how to back it - it's pre-cut into quilt size, and the pattern on it - just gorgeous, I'll try to photograph it tomorrow. It's almost so gorgeous I'd want to frame it and hang it on his wall as a poster instead. Just wait til you see it!

We did a few other errands (I had a return to do - Angela was looking for professional work clothes for her new job (she got promoted - go Angela!)) and then when I brought her to the metro when it was time for her to leave, we stopped into the pharmacy, where there is a post office, and I mailed off my Booty Swap package - as it had to be in the mail by this Saturday, October 28th, and I wanted to make sure I got it mailed on time - I didn't want to have to use pregnancy-brain as an excuse for forgetting, LOL. It has been sitting wrapped/packaged for a few days now, and I wanted to make sure it got on it's way! I hope my partner Lissa likes her package, I told her to email me when she gets it (I forgot to photograph it - hopefully she will), and I will invite her to my blog once she gets it. Anyhow, at the Pharmacy I bought myself 3 face masks - I want to do one tomorrow - maybe it'll help my 3 pimples go away BEFORE my baby shower on Saturday. (I'm getting very excited to see everyone!). I bought a Calming Face Mask with Aloe Vera & Mint, a deep cleansing face mask with dead sea salt & seaweed, and an exfoliating treatment with cream & oatmeal. I think that the Deep Cleansing one with the dead sea salt & seaweed, will be the one I will use tomorrow, and the rest I will save for a time I need a calming feeling and an exfoliating one! LOL. I love face masks, but I never buy them for myself. They were 3/5$ instead of 1.99$ each, so I was like - Why not. Not much of a savings, but heck - it's my face! I might as well treat it once in a while to something that feels good! It's been ages since I've done a face mask. Oh, I love doing them!

So, after choosing the face masks, I went to go check out the knitting magazines, and just HAD to buy myself the latest issue of Vogue Knitting. I even cast on tonight, the scarf that is on the cover of the magazine: The Woven Trellis:

I found some similar thickness yarn in my stash, from the yarn fairy (back in February), and this is the color I am going with:

It's a German yarn, called Polo. I left the label upstairs, I'll give more information tomorrow when I photograph what I've knitted up so far. It's actually coming out the same size as what the pattern calls for with the Classic Elite Lush (angora/wool) yarn that they use. I just knew that I was not buying more yarn to make this project when I have plenty of yarn at home. So, I also decided, that for the braids, I'm thinking about incorporating this yarn into the knitting:

This MilleFili Fine Yarn, was also a gift from the Yarn Fairy. It's actually really beautiful (photographs nicely, but not as nicely as it is in "real life"). It's super fine, so it may be just the right added touch into the scarf, so it's not just one solid color. What do you think? Your opinion counts - even though I'm the one that is going to wear it! (Man I love making scarves for myself!) What I love about this scarf, is the braids in it. It's actually knitted in strips and then braided afterwards!
What is sad - is that I have knitting A.D.D.. While I still have another scarf started, and my socks to close the toes (one sock is 2 rows away from grafting and the other sock has to be decreased before grafting), and Clapotis also almost ready for the final decrease section, I'm really bad, and can't commit to finishing one project, that I need to have a few projects going so that I don't get bored. Does this ever happen to you??? I think that's all the projects I have on needles right now, I can't think of any others.... for now, anyhow! Woven Trellis pictures tomorrow, promise!

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