Monday, October 30, 2006

30.4 Weeks

I've been knitting. Here is the progress for the Woven Trellis Scarf:

The first tube is done, all 90 inches of it (which is taller than me!)

I've wound up the 2nd ball of Polo for the woven trellis. For the 2nd tube, I'm incorporating into the green another color - which is the Millefili Fine yarn, which is actually by Filatura Di Crosa. The yarn that I'm mixing into tubes 2, 4, and 6 only, is 100% cotton. The Polo yarn, which I finally have the tag for the ball with me now in my office downstairs, is 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. I've never seen this yarn in stores, it ended up in my stash due to the most generous yarn fairy that visited me back in February (no sign of her since - lol). I just found a website that sells the Polo yarn, for 2.85 Euros each. Here is their Color card (and color 26 - which I'm using, is still on their color chart). 2.85 Euros is at today's exchange rate, 4.07$ CAD and 3.62$US. A pretty inexpensive ball of yarn. I wonder if it's a sale or something. I love the cotton feel to it, it doesnt feel like dishcloth cotton, so it'll definitely keep me warm, especially with 90 inches of scarf to wrap and wrap and wrap around!

Zeus cracks me up. It never fails to find him sleeping on our bed, with his paw or paws over his eyes. It's just soooo damn cute, I had to take a picture!

I wanted to post these the other day, but couldn't find where I put them, and while cleaning up today, I found them. I got them for my nephew for his 4th birthday, which his party is the weekend after next. I hope they are the right size, aren't they just the cutest. They're from Old Navy. They will be accompanying his other gifts, which include Curious George (the book - the original story), Star Wars Darth Tater Mr. Potatoe Head (below), a pair of Habs socks, a tam tam drum, and the slippers pictured above. A spoiled kid - I tell you. But, he was very very hard to shop for this year. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday this year, and all he said was a skateboard cake. (Which my sister-in-law is making him for his birthday)

Today, I baked.

I peeled and cored apples.

And made a whole wheat apple cake. Mmmm, looks delicious.
This is the cake before the batter went on top. Lots of cinnamon - mmmm - delicious!

I felt like taking a picture of myself today. Here is me, 4 days into my 30th week of pregnancy:

Belly growing bigger and bigger by the day! Well, I feel like it is - anyhow. Here is the shirt I'm wearing, (below), I bought it at Old Navy last week when I picked up the duck feet slippers. Speaking of slippers, I need to invest in a new pair. My last pair - got completely distroyed - so I chucked them out a few days ago. Time for a new pair. (Can't seem to find a single pair I own!)

Incase you can't read the shirt, it says "COMING THIS WINTER". Cute eh? January baby - will be here before I know it, and I'll be somebody's mommy! I still can't believe it!

Pre-natal aqua today was a lot of fun. It was a semi-private class, it was just three of us. Deborah, Marie and myself. Marie and Deborah are both 24 weeks pregnant, due the same week. Deborah and I were talking today, and we discovered that we both grew up on the same street, about 6 houses down from one another, and both of our parents still live on the same street. I know exactly which house is hers (was hers) - how funny is that? I hope to keep in touch with her - she's a little older than me (Jamie's age) and due a month after me. It would be cool to keep in touch with her after, she's also having a baby boy. I am going to see her on Thursday night at Deep End Aqua, which pregnant, we're allowed to do, so maybe I'll invite her out for coffee or something. It would be nice to have someone to have playdates with after! Even if she does live back in the west around the corner from our parents!

Tonight, I've just been chilling out, watching Lword Season 1. I'm almost done Season 1, and I have Season 2 ready to go. After that, I have Season 3 already downloaded on my computer (god bless the new u torrent downloader, which I've just discovered. I am also currently downloading Las Vegas Season 3, since somewhere I lost track of it, and so that I can catch up for Season 4, which just started on Friday night. (I'm a TV junkie, what can I say?) Nothing else to do as a stay-at-home soon to be mom who just does freelance! LOL. Speaking of which, I'm re-designing my father's company's mousepads.... need to get cracking on it.

Today, I'll leave you with this: A conversation with a non-knitter:

Amy says: did u get ur stick
Robyn says: it's a knitting needle, and yes i did thank you
Amy says: no prob

This was a conversation I had with my sister earlier. I was at her house knitting on Saturday before the baby shower, while she was straightening my hair. Apparently my knitting needle (bamboo) didn't make it back into my bag, so it was on her floor. My grandmother who was with us, noticed it while I was in the bathroom changing, and told my sister to pick up the large toothpick (she used to be a knitter - don't know how she didn't realize it was what I was just knitting with and give it back to me), but it ended up staying at my sister's house until she gave it to my hubby at work today. So, when she got home tonight, she asked me if I got my "stick". Ahhh... non-knitters! I need to convert my sister, but I do not think that will happen ANY time soon.

I mailed off 22 thank you cards today from Saturday's baby shower. That is how efficient I am. I don't like things like that dragging on. So, I like to do them, and send them off right away.

I also mailed off my needle case that I made for my Secret Pal. She actually received something in the mail today, that I sent her last week, a knitting zipper attachment, which she has already put on a sweater. It's a little zipper charm of 2 knitting needles knitting a sweater. I actually have one for myself, it's just too cute. If she doesn't post a picture (I forgot to take a picture of it before sending it to her), I'll photograph mine to show how cute this is!

Today I decided that this week, I'm going to sew myself 2 things for the baby and the baby's room. I have some cute material that I want to turn into a diaper stacker (which hangs on the wall near your changing table), and also burp cloths. The free patterns are online here: Diaper Stacker & Burp Cloths. I think I may get cracking on that tomorrow.

I've started thinking about my hospital bag. I've got the bag out, and the blanket that I will bring Sean home in (the one that his great-grandmother Rose crochet 30+ years ago - I wish I could have met this woman, we'd have had so much in common!) and the snow suit he'll wear home (January will be damn cold outside!). I have not packed anything else yet, but I've finally got my list of things that I need. So I'll be super prepared.

Alright, going to go fold laundry, and then off to bed. Maybe I'll be able to get up before noon tomorrow (today it was 11:30 am, which I thought was past noon, because I forgot to change my bedroom clock). I should do that tonight. That would be nice.


mdevam said...

I like the new banner foir your site, very cute! It sounds like you had a good weekend, I can't believe how good you are about posting regularly, I suck. Anyway we are in Philadelphia and I figured out how to use the wireless internet on my ne laptop, so I had to check in and see what you were up to. I haven't heard from my SP yet, I wonder if that means I got a dud this time? What download software do you use? I can't sort out what is what with all of the choises online. Anyway have a great week and I will "talk" to you later. Those slippers are super-cute!

miss said...

Your site is looking very cute :) And I love when cats sleep like that - so adorable! I sometimes find it hard to resist snuggling Stewie when he curls up like that :)

Lindsay said...

I also LOVE your new banner (and site layout! -- can't wait for the little tabs to work!)

and hurray for looooong posts. I have to keep reminding myself to make a special visit over here (as you don't appear on my bloglines for some reason.. do'h!)