Thursday, October 26, 2006

30 Weeks

This morning I watched the movie Novocaine, as I never went to bed. I was just way too wired. At this point, it's almost 10pm, and I still have not gone to bed. I am planning to go shortly, as soon as I'm done posting this entry. Novocaine was interesting, and I liked Steve Martin in it. I am a Steve Martin fan. Not only do I like him as an actor, I like his novels as well.

Today marks my 30th week of pregnancy. In honor of Belly Shot Thursday (when the week changes for me), here are 2 belly shots.

Belly is getting bigger and bigger by the week - I feel like I'm carrying around a basketball if you ask me!

This morning after watching the movie I got the urge to take all my photo albums out of the boxes that they've been in since we moved into our house back in May 2005, and put them on the bookshelf that Jamie put into the storage space under the stairs to the basement. Jamie fixed it up in there so that I had space, and there is no where else really to put out the photos, so I put them in there. All my albums are labelled, (I love my label maker) and so it was easy to put them on my shelves in chronological order again. There are 4 shelves full of my albums, it seems that in 2005 my picture taking kind of trickled down. I have a mad amount of photos between 1998-2004, but after 2004, it kind of dies. I do still take tons and tons and tons of photos, I just don't print as often as I used to. Which is too bad, but also, my money situation is way different now than it was back in 2004.

Today, I went by my old school where I just graduated from to pick up my diploma, and of course since I didn't have the girl's extention number and no one was picking up at the front desk, the girl was on lunch when I went - so I had to kill time (I was NOT coming back!) Anyhow, while killing time, I discovered some fashion students having a sale, and ended up picking up 5m of this awesome fabric. It's a peachy pink color, and I have lots of plans for it.

On the material front, I photographed the quilt material I bought for baby Sean. I found the proper quilt backing today at Walmart, and just need to figure out how to sew it together. Isn't the pattern just stunning? I almost just want to frame it, rather than turn it into a quilt.

My secret pal received the keychain that I sent her. Here is the card I sent along with it:

Here is my progress of the Woven Trellis. I absolutely LOVE the way it's coming out. I decided that I may just weave in the MilleFili Fine yarn into 3 of the 6 (alternating) strips that I have to knit, so that it comes out with a touch of the extra color, and nothing too overwhelming. What do you think?

Here is the progress of strip number 1. I have here, 15 inches of the strip. Each strip has to be 90 inches long (CRAZY, I KNOW!!!) Right now, I have about 23 inches done. 90 is a long long way off. 90 is wayyyyyy taller than me, actually. But I love that it'll be braided, so it'll lose some height/length, and also, it will be wrapped around my neck a couple of times, so the length is what you need. I wonder how long it will take me to knit this!??

Tonight while my meat sauce (double batch) was cooking on the stove, I did a mudmask. One of the ones that I purchased yesterday at the pharmacy. Boy does my skin feel so silky and smooth right now, and I hope that it removes some of these lovely blemishes from my face... that would be nice. It was also be convenient if that happens before Saturday (baby shower #1).

Some other interesting things of note: I called Tide To Go today, to see what their policy was for a broken Tide To Go, and they will gladly replace it for me. I had to give them a serial number that was on the cap - and my address, that was all! I had tried emailing them twice, but apparently they are having email troubles or web troubles, because I got an email back saying that they cannot respond due to technical difficulties, so to call if it's important. I got that email a week ago or so, maybe it was a little longer than that, but I tried again just the other day, getting the same automatic response, so this time, I tried calling. And actually got somewhere. Very happy about that.

You know what? I wish my bathroom cleaned itself. That or I had a housekeeper. That would be nice. Maybe one day. Until then, I'll leave the bathroom duties for tomorrow. Not in the mood to clean it tonight.

Well, I am BEYOND zonked, haven't been to bed since Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, and I should get some sleep tonight, that would be nice.

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