Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lost: Found.

So I've been searching my home for the last week and a half or so, for 2 missing bras. Yes, you read correctly - BRA.... x2. Two good ones that I bought myself in my new engorged size (that I'm not happy about because if they get any bigger I will have to go to a speciality store, because normal sotres don't carry bigger than what I am now - oy - and well - these 2 bra's, that I purchased before my trip - actually - purchased for the dress to my cousin's wedding (I was a bridesmaid), and had one of the two bra's fitted to fit in the dress, so that I would be comfortable the entire night).

Anyhow, these 2 bra's..... I know I wore them in Europe. I couldn't say that I had seen them since I've been back (which has been over a month now - Sept 23 - Oct 28th) and I just couldn't figure out where they were.

They weren't in my bra drawer (I have 1 small drawer dedicated just for my bra's, mostly Victoria Secret hand-me down's of bra's my sister has ordered from catalogues (we dont have Victoria's Secret here in Canada, well not in my province anyhow) and it wasn't in my sock drawer accidently or even my underwear drawer (yes, I have a drawer dedicated to each one individually). Anyhow, I even checked to see if it could have fallen out (behind) of the bra drawer, maybe it fell into the storage below. Nope. I checked through and inbetween all the clothes I owned, maybe I washed them and they got folded between some clothes. Nope. I checked Jamie's closet and underwear drawer, for the same reason, maybe it got washed with his stuff, (I do all laundry together) and maybe it was in between two of his items. Nope. I checked downstairs in the laundry room (which now resides next to my office) several times, and it wasn't there. This has been going on all week. It couldn't be in the kitchen, nor in the dinning room, definitely not in Sean's room (there's like nothing in there except furniture and some clothes for him) and well, this has been going on for over a week. Frustrated, last night, at like midnight, lying in bed, laughing about it with Jamie, as I would love to wear one of my new bra's today to the baby shower and actually feel comfortable.... in something that actually fits, rather than something that's just a little too tight.... I decided to check all three suitcases that we brought with us to Europe.

And guess what? The bras were in there. With a book I didn't even realize I hadn't seen, with some pantyhose shorts, and my Havannah flip flops, that I didn't realize were missing either. LOL.

I can't belive Jamie packed up the suitcases without checking to make sure that I had emptied all of them COMPLETELY.

Now I'm not blaming this on him at all - it could have been my fault too, I could have told him that I was done with the suitcases - that's very possible too - I just don't understand how I overlooked that section, it was not a closed pocket, it was in the mesh bag (see through) part of the interior of the suitcase!

I'm blaming this on pregnancy brain. It's an excuse for real, you know!

Anyhow, my bras are back safely in their drawer, and we can all go on with our lives now. Back to regular scheduled programming later.


jeloca said...

Oy. At least you found them! p.s. great new look!

lainehmann said...

I LOVE the new blog LO! It is adorable! When are you going to design one for meeeee??? (whine whine whine).

Jo said...

The suitcases, the suitcases, I just knew! Hey, I've been pregnant more than once. Pregnancy brain has scarred me forever! ;-) Don't worry... there's still a lot of time to misplace stuff until Sean makes his apprearance! lol!