Friday, October 20, 2006

V-Neck Baby Cardigan

Here it is! All seamed! (Just needs to be blocked! And baby needs to be born to wear it!)

It's a little odd - the shape. I don't understand how a baby is supposed to look cute in this - but we'll see. It's my very first attempt to a sweater! Especially with a very poorly written pattern.
Today, I slept in until 1:50pm. I couldn't believe it. Jamie was going to wear his socks today, but they are a little loose on the ribbing on top - so I am going to see if I can shrink them a little in the dryer after washing them. I hope that I can - if not, I'll have to keep them for myself, and make him a new pair. After he told me how long he wanted them, he also suggested that for a next pair, he'd like them to be a little longer on top. Hmph! Men! Never can make up their mind. I am going to see what the dryer will do - and I will also look into my sock yarn stash and see what other manly colors I own, to make him another pair. BUT - I have other projects I want to do first, so I will not get to his 2nd pair of socks right away. Eventually!

Nothing exciting went on today, I did though, completely empty out the baby's room and I first vaccumed the carpets, and then with a shampooing vaccum cleaner, I had Jamie wash the carpets. I was going to do it - but the machine was way too heavy for me to push. Not with a belly the size of a basketball! Tomorrow, my parents are bringing over some furniture, which will go into the baby's room. I can't wait to start putting everything in there, and organizing!

Our dinner plans got cancelled tomorrow, as we were supposed to have dinner with Jamie's best friend and his girlfriend, but she's sick with a cold, and it has gotten worse, and I don't want to risk getting sick with approximately 10 weeks and 5 days left of my pregnancy!

Tonight, I played poker (didn't win) and that was fun, and then I worked on seaming the baby sweater (above).

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