Wednesday, October 18, 2006

SNB & Aggrevating Things

Remember back in June the UPS incident, where I had to pay taxes on a GIFT that I got from my One Skein Secret Pal? Well - what I thought was taken care of - because my secret pal said she got charged for it, and paid it on her discover card, turns out that it got declined and the charge was to me, so it went to collections. I thought months ago that this was taken care of - and now... a letter from collections. It's goddamn annoying! I can't believe that I had to pay 23.04$ for a GIFT from someone else. Unreal, eh? That's exactly why I do not like UPS. And UPS had all the documentation from my pal saying that it was a gift, so I don't know why it was sent to collections in the end - when the original problem was rectified. I think I am going to call UPS later and find out what happened. They told me not to worry about it - because they received the fax to rectify the problem. So why did it go to collections. I paid the bill. And Collections told me that the only way for me to get any of the money back would be through Canadian Customs (it has nothing to do with UPS) and that all I would get back is the taxes, not even anything else. So - for a 15$ or so ball of Trekking XXL yarn, which was a GIFT from my One Skein Secret Pal - I had to pay 23.04$ (which is not even worth the item amount!) Why does retarded things like this happen to me? And for reasons like this - I won't use UPS! Damn brokerage fees. I won't even order from anyone who uses UPS either.

Half an hour late, but my ex-tenant showed up today to pick up her stuff. If she stood me up again, I had every intention to throw her stuff out on garbage day (and give Karine her 13" Tv - Sorry Karine!) but... she showed up, and now, I NEVER have to deal with that woman again.

Today, some interesting things have happened:

My mother in law not coming to baby shower. Yeah, you read right. My own mother-in-law. The woman who gave birth to my husband. Am I surprised? No. This is the woman who showed up 2 and a half hours late to my engagement party to her son, because her and her lesbian partner (they were not married yet) FELL ASLEEP because they needed to nap. At least lie to us and say you had a flat tire or something? Nope, they fell asleep. They apparently have PLANS with friends out of town that weekend, and can't make it. Then when I mentioned my other baby shower, (which my step-mother-in-law got invited to, because I'm WAY closer with her and Jamie's dad), if she wanted to attend that one instead, her response: "No, that's okay". She asked if I'd be home this weekend so she could stop by with a gift for the baby. I am curious to know what she got. Only because her judgment of picking out gifts is derranged. For my bridal shower they got me a crock pot - which if she would have looked at my registry, which she knew about - she would have seen that I actually already got one (in the end - we ended up getting 7 crock pots in total - most which had a gift receipt for). And the one that I ended up keeping, was NOT the one they got us. (Thank goodness they don't come over for dinner). Anyhow, I'm curious now...!

Interesting thing that happened to me today:

I emailed my ex-boyfriend's mother without even realizing it. You see, I'm interested in learning how to quilt. So I found a group in the town next to mine, that has a Quilting Guild. There was a contact email that said to contact for more information. So I did. I wanted to know about lessons. I didn't know that the email address was hers! Anyhow, now she wants to catch up, and I don't know if I feel comfortable with that. VERY WEIRD! I knew she was into calligraphy, but did not know she was a quilter! I was just thinking about maybe making a quilt for Sean to play on in my office, instead of buying a rug, or such.... and a knitted blanket would just slide on the hardwood floors. I dated her son for over a year (my longest relationship before the one now to Jamie) and it was a bad break-up for me, so I don't know if I really want to go there!

Today, I went to Walmart with Angela, and I got some funky material. I actually bought some patterns too, I want to make some pants.

I made Angela a needle case with some material she brought over today. I am really getting very GOOD with making them - I'm thinking about possibly making them and selling them on Etsy. Maybe be a good idea. I'm going to look into it tomorrow. See if they actually sell, and for how much (to see if it's worth my time). I am also thinking of possibly offering to make them for any Secret Pal who wants me to make it for their partner... I'll even offer to mail it directly to their partner. Could be a good business project to keep myself busy until Sean's born.

Tonight I went to the knitting meet-up in NDG. I had a really good time, and I literally JUST JUST walked in the door. It's late, but I don't get out much - lol, and enjoy just being with women and chatting. Tonight's conversations were completely here and there, and was very very interesting. We ended up staying late, (4 of us) and leaving just as 2nd Cup was closing! We didn't get kicked out of the place, because we were already standing around outside just talking. It was such good conversation, I just couldn't leave. (Not that I go to bed early anyhow, I'm a night owl!) I am really glad to have met all these wonderful people and people that I can actually call my friends!


mdevam said...

Definitely don't go there(bad ex's and their families are never good news). Most quilting shops offer good basics/beginner classes and there are a ton of good books out there to learn from. If you have any questions I can help with let me know!

lainehmann said...

Okay, this is strange. So she's not really pregnant? She just made the whole thing up???