Friday, June 16, 2006

A Quarter of a Century

So, I've lived on this earth now for a quarter of a century.

I've had a good day today.

Got 70% on my exam this morning (and I'm cool with this mark). I was relieved on actually taking the exam, at first it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but I made a few small errors, hence the 70% and not any higher, but I am happy with this mark, so I will take this mark!

This morning in class Laura gave me a birthday present, pink measuring cup set (big bowl with measure on it, then 2 different matching sets of pink measuring spoons/cups, etc, and also a pink cutting board (Jamie's going to kill me with the pink overload in the kitchen - lol).

After class, I came home, got my mail, and got 2 birthday cards in the mail. I've never actually received birthday cards before on my actual birthday. Usually when people mail them, they come the day before or the day after - but never on my actual birthday. (So thank you Cynthia & Sherrie!) I also got some stitch markers in the mail - my first set from the swap I hosted. They are from Jennifer L. and they are gorgeous - absolutely gorgeous - I love them! Aren't they wonderful? They're little candies!

Then I ran to the bank, took out money to go to pick up that white rocking chair that I saw around the corner from my house - for the baby's room. I love love love love the rocking chair. I just need to either make my own pads/cushions, or find some. Gotta make it comfy to nurse the baby in!

Then, I came home and dropped off the rocking chair (that was sticking out of my trunk being held by cord) and then dashed off to my fave souvlaki restaurant (Marathon's) for lunch. I had lunch with Jamie and his 3 ex-co-workers , whom have become our friends. After the meal the waiters came by with some backlavah (spelling?) with a candle in it - and sang me happy birthday (how embarrasing).

After lunch, came home, and UPS showed up with my One Skein package. DUTY & BROKERAGE FEES? WHAT? Yeah - I had to pay 23.04$CAD for a gift! Here's the story (well the shortened version with all the key points):

UPS is not user friendly. (That's why I never use them or order from anywhere that only uses them).

I had to pay 23.04$ CAD to receive my One Skein Secret Pal package. Why? Because only items under 20$ CAD don't get a brokerage fee and pay Quebec taxes. My secret pal marked the value of 20$ US - which is 22.46$ CAD as of today. Also, because she marked her name as "Secret One Skeiner" UPS thought she was a business and that I was buying the item from her - even though she marked REASON FOR EXPORT: GIFT on the slip.

So I gave my visa to get the package.

Then, I called up UPS for a refund. The first guy I spoke to - was a loser, and after I explained the whole thing to him, he hung up on me. So even more furious, I called back again, and spoke to someone else. He said, after I re-explained again, giving even more details as to what the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange is - and all that jazz, that, all my pal has to do is fax UPS changing her name on the document from Secret One Skeiner (which UPS thinks is a company) and change it to her real name. And then they'll refund my money.


But, while I was out - doing an errand late in the afternoon, UPS showed back up (Jamie was home) - the guy had forgotten to write down the expiry date of my credit card, so - as of now, they can't charge me for the item. Their loss, and I will figure out what to do next when the situation arrises, because now that my Secret Pal has faxed over proper documentation to UPS - that it is a gift (even though it was marked on the original paper, but that wasn't good enough for UPS) it should all be fine! Maybe the guy won't come back after all. Who knows.

But, at last - here is the WONDERFUL sock yarn that my secret pal has sent me! I have heard of Trekking XXL before, and have been curious to try it. (I've also been curious about Mega Boot Stretch sock yarn). Trekkin has some wonderful XXL colours, that I'd love to try to get! Maybe once I'm done with my sock yarn stash!

So, today, I started organizing my yarn. It was all over my office, and time to go into somewhere else, so that I can start cleaning up my office which will be the baby's room in January.

Anyhow, I remembered that I had space in my dresser in the bedroom that wasn't being used (two spaces one on each side of my dresser unit) so I filled it up with yarn. One side has two buckets full of sock yarn (I Heart Sock Yarn) and good quality yarns (Noro, ZarOne, Classic Elite, etc) and the other side, has all my balls of acrylics (for afghans I want to make) and some cotton (those neon balls on the bottom). I love my new organization... and there is still a TON more yarn that has not yet been organized! (OY!)

So I've got 50 grams left of the sock yarn (Socketta) - I think I have enough to make myself 2 more tennis socks! 1 more complete pair! I'm going to weigh it tomorrow on a more accurate scale, but I think it's good for 1 more pair! How convenient!

This evening I played poker once Jamie got home from his ball game, and we had a few people over at our place. It was nice to see everyone and hang out and play some poker. Time to get ready to clean up a bit more then head off to bed. I've got a long bid day tomorrow and can't wait! I have a lunch with my in-law's and sister-in-law, then a Mary Kay rep coming over to my house to give free facials and makeovers (the only catch is that she wants "after" pictures for her portfolio), and then a dinner with approx. 12-13 of my girl friends.

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