Sunday, June 04, 2006

Movie, TV & Knitting

I just finished watching the season finales of Sopranos and Big Love. Wow - it's soo weird to be watching the season finale, when the season just started a short 13 weeks ago. Hbo seasons are so short. What am I going to do all summer with nothing to watch? I just downloaded the first half of CSI (Las Vegas edition) as I missed a bunch of episodes, and so I'm going through them to see which ones I've missed and which ones I haven't. Even the episodes I've seen, I'm rewatching, CSI is just that good. So that's what I did this afternoong - I watched about the first 6 episodes of Season 6. (I had seen the first 4 - and not the last 2). I also downloaded the season finale which is in 2 parts, as for sure, I know that I have not seen them. I will slowly catch up. I also can't wait for Big Brother to start on CBS in July. And I think I'm going to catch up on the rest of the seasons of Sopranos that I have not seen, so that in January when the final 8 episodes of Sopranos start - I will be up to date!

I slept in today until noon - which felt great. I really needed my sleep. And then, I started cleaning up my desk and organizing some packages to be mailed, while watching those episodes of CSI on my computer.

At some point around dinner time Jamie and I started watching The Chronicles of Narnia. I know Jamie didn't really care too much for that movie - but I thought it was okay. It was very interesting, and I enjoyed it, but just okay. I worked on Clapotis while watching the movie. I think I'm slowly starting to get sick of Clapotis - and either I will just try to finish it fast, or I may want to start something else, and then go back to Clapotis. We'll see what mood I'm in.

Alright, 8 am class tomorrow morning - so I'm off to bed. I just finished preparing my lunch for tomorrow - with leftover foods in the house - I really MUST do groceries.

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