Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last Day of Being Age 24

Tomorrow I turn the big 2-5. That's half of 50. That's half of my 20's gone.....
How do I feel about it?

- a little freaked out, actually.

People keep saying that it's my last birthday before having a baby to enjoy it the most - but honestly, baby or no baby - I'm not a partier and I'm not into drinking (besides wine) - so I won't be out partying anyhow... a nice quiet dinner with family, a nice fun dinner with friends, Jamie will be cooking me dinner or taking me out for dinner (not sure yet).... but just quality time.... with friends, family and hubby - that's all I really want.

Hubby did good for my birthday. (He gave me my card & gift tonight). He asked if I wanted to wait til tomorrow - NO WAY!

I got a gift certificate to Chapters/Indigo/Coles (for you Americans, that's like Borders) and also - I got a gift Certificate to the LOCAL YARN SHOP near his work/my parents place. AHHHHH!!!! Yessss!!! Good job Jamie! I'm soooo proud of him.

He basically said that jewelry was for anniversaries and special occasions like that - and my birthday was for treating me to things I like. (Did I marry the right guy, or what????!!)

So - I have some shopping to do at both the book store and the LYS! (Chapters is already holding for me a copy of Odd Ball Knitting by Barbara Albright. I want to look throught it first before deciding whether to buy it or not. They had only 3 copies in stock, and they weren't even in the knitting section (now they are back in their proper spot) but just to be safe, I am going to check out the book before buying, because I have no idea what the book entails. (Anyone have it or seen it? Any good reviews?)

I also got a package today in the mail from my friend Miriam in Toronto. A birthday package - with some letters that she's been writing and a book and this gorgeous notepad. The book she sent me is called Daily Candy A to Z. It has no author. Looks very cute. I haven't really flipped through it - I'm freaking out about my exam tomorrow at 9 am - so I'll read it tomorrow after I get in from said exam.

I love receiving packages in the mail - so that was totally awesome.

Speaking of packages - my One Skein package (from Interweave's One Skein exchange) is on it's way via UPS and it's already arrived into Montreal, and is being sent out for delivery. It's coming from very far - from I think LAKE CHARLES, LA, says the UPS tracking information. It's travelled from Louisiana to Mississippi to Indiana to to Ohio to New York and is now in Montreal, but just not at my house yet. I am going to leave a note for the UPS guy, with instructions on where to leave it - like I did today, otherwise I don't know how I will receive it. I know they try twice, or something like that, but I'm usually only home on Wednesdays (day off) and if he tries tomorrow, (I'm in school then have birthday lunch plans as of now) and then Monday (I'm in class from 8-5 on Mondays), then I don't know how I'll get my parcel! I'm dying to see what One Skein my secret partner has sent me - because she actually owns a Yarn Shop! So - anything's possible! I think it's really cool that she owns a yarn shop - that would be a DREAM job for me! I'd love it. Anyhow, I'm so excited to receive this parcel, as I know it's on it's way!

Alright, one exam done (today in group with my friend Laura - I know I did REALLY well on it) and one more exam to go - tomorrow - the nasty killer one! Wish me luck, so I can go on and enjoy my weekend!

Saddly no knitting today.

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