Saturday, June 03, 2006

La Bobineuse de Laine

Finally, my SP8 pal has received the awesome bracelet I sent her. This bracelet is by a local Montreal artist - and you can purchase unique pieces like this one at the Old Port. I can't remember the guy's name, but you have to go into that little nook at the old port - the area that is secluded to find this guy and his work.... no two pieces are alike - and he is just fantastic.

So, this afternoon I went with Angela first to La Bobineuse de Laine (after getting stuck behind a truck on a one way street - who didn't find parking, as both sides were full, so he decided to park in the middle of the street, put his four way on, and start unloading the truck - it's not even moving day yet and Montreal has gone mad! - I ended up backing up halfway down the street, and then pulling into someone's small parking area, and then going down the rest of the one way street the wrong way, to get people to give me the finger, and honk at me, because they wanted to turn down the same street... so I wished them good luck getting by the truck and peeled off! Sooo damn aggrevating!). With me, to La Bobineuse de Laine, I brought the two cones that I had received, to see if the lady there would let me mix it with anything she had:

Yeah fucking right. I could buy anything in her store, and she'd mix it for me, but there was NO way she was going to let buy from her store and add my already owned yarn into it. Whatever this black stuff is - I have a LOT of it. I am not too sure what I am going to do with it yet - but it can definitely be mixed with other yarn to make something!
I did purchase from the nice but crazy lady these following cones:

The first one above to the left reminds me of Neopalitain ice cream, and the other one, the pinks and whites, I just love the colour.
I feel in love with the turquoise, green and white one - that I had seen on Stephanie's blog, so I had to get some, and the pink, fuschia and white cone - I just love the colours! I just need things to knit with them.

These two balls above are called "Left Over" yarn..... you will find these in a bin.... Basically it's tons of strands put together, and it's 6$ for the entire thing. I am not sure what I am going to make of it, but I am sure I will come up with something soon. With the lighter coloured ball, I am thinking about making some sort of boho bag... Thinking about it...

The crazy lady, is sooo nuts, she made me walk 2 blocks in the PISSING rain, to get money out of the bank, because between Angela and I - we were .50 fucking cents short for our purchase and she would NOT let it slide! WTF!? We were probably her only sale of the day, and she probably figured she would not make any other money. Ugh!
The store's address is: 2270 avenue du Mont-Royal Est à Montréal (514) 521-9000
After La Bobineuse de Laine we headed over to Rachel Street by St-Hubert and we ate lunch at this great burger joint called L'anecdote which was right across the street from La Tricoteuse, another LYS. And, what was really funny, was, while sitting there eating this amazing burger, (Thanks Angela for bringing me there - it was fantastic!) my cousin Jenn called me up, to see when the next time I'd be in the area of the yarn shop, and I laughed and told her I was kinda sitting at a restaurant across the street from there and was planning to go in there right after I was done eating. She had something for me to pick up - so I told her to call the yarn shop and have them put it aside and that I'd pick it up. What a coincidence - that was just too funny. Shit like that never happens to me. I usually just leave somewhere and then someone calls me up to find out when I'd be in that area again.... you know?
Anyhow, after picking up Jenn's yarn and touching and fondling a bunch of other expensive yarn that I can't really and shouldn't really afford - I headed over to see Angela's apartment - which is kind of funny considering she's moving out of there tomorrow. Well - it was good to finally see where she lives!
This evening Jamie & I watched the movie Derailed with Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston. It was actually to our surprise a lot better than we both expected, and a better story line than expected as well. We actually both enjoyed it.

Well, I'm going to go crawl into bed now to watch TV. I'm still stuffed from the Chinese food dinner we had (I was craving it tonight - so I went out - in the rain - to pick up Chinese Food - couldn't convince the hubby to do so - wait til I'm 6+ months pregnant - I think I will be able to get him to do whatever it is I want! LOL)

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