Saturday, June 10, 2006

Knitting Guild & Maternity Clothes Galore!

This morning I got way toooooo early. I woke up at 8:30 am. I don't recall the last time I've seen 8:30 am on a Saturday morning. Anyhow, I got up - I got ready. I picked up my cousin Jenn and we went to the Knitting Guild Garden Party - which was held indoors due to the rain. I had a good time meeting all the members who showed up, and working on my sock. I am also participating in making a Baby Blanket for Charity, and the winnter of the blankets gets to choose which charity they want the blankets to go to, and I am not sure if that same person, or if another person can win a free 1 year membership to the Guild. I've never done a project for charity before, and I think it's pretty cool. The pattern I received also came with the yarn, so that's a very nice thing for me to do. Jenn's making one too - so that will be nice. I'm going to work on it over the summer, I have until September to finish the baby blanket (which is more of a throw). The colours are nice and bright and fun to work with. And the yarn is pretty funky itself! It came as a kit.

After the guild, Jenn and I headed to Walmart as she had a return to do and I wanted to check out the maternity section, to see if only the Walmart near me had a shitty selection of maternity clothes. There wasn't a huge section, but they had some really cute stuff, and I found some really cute tshirts, and dress shirts, and some polo shirts for only 9$ (which are too big on me now, so I'm going to see if they have a medium, as I don't even think with a big belly at 6-9 months pregnant I'll ever fit into the large - these shirts are made huge (even though on the hanger it doesn't look soooo huge). Anyhow, I found some great stuff, so now I don't have to have have the pregnancy fashion police on my case!

After Walmart I went over to Jenn's house and first helped her pick out an outfit for her bridal shower tomorrow. I did not approve of her wearing black capri's and a black shirt. Her mother told her to add more colour - and if I had to wear a skirt - she had to wear a skirt! LOL. So I helped her pick out a really cute outfit. I am very happy with what we picked out - and I hope she doesn't think that I fashion policed her! I don't usually wear skirts, and my mother is making me wear one!

We chilled and knitted as well - and that was fun hanging out with her!

Tonight I have just been chilling and watching the hockey game with Jamie. I am really really really tired. Tomorrow I have to do some returns and an exchange at Walmart, and I want to get to the bridal shower early, for good parking (as dumb as that sounds). But the streets near my cousin's aunt's house are not that great for parking, and I think there is going to be almost 50 people there tomorrow! (Not 50 cars, but people who don't carpool, will be coming each in their own car!)

Tonight - I realized that sock number two doesnt match with sock number one. I thought I was doing it right, but I'm missing about 8 rows. The first sock, I did was 8 rows k2 p2, and then 8 rows of just knitting and then started on turning my heel (I like tennis socks, I never wear socks higher than my ankles). And the second sock - I did 8 rows k2 p2 and then 1 more row to get needles 3&4 on one needle to start turning my heel (with short row wrap & turn) but forgot about the 8 rows straight knitting, so one's shorter than the other, and I didn't realize until I was just about half an inch away from closing the toe. So - I freaked and called Jenn. I can either re-do the sock (don't want to) or I can use circs to catch the row after the ribbing and then cut off the ribbing and then knit up the other way...... HMMMMMmmmmM! I am way toooo scared to do that myself, but Jenn the expert knows what she's doing - so I'm going to trust her and let her cut off the ribbing on my sock and I'm going to fix that missing 8 rows!!!!

... I can't believe what I did!

Don't do this at home!

Alright, more tomorrow. (With pictures of my dumbass move on the sock knitting!) {Teaches me right for not writing down what I did and not keeping track!}

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