Monday, June 26, 2006

Maya Wrap & Vesper Yarn

This Vesper yarn (in this colour!) that is carried in Toronto by Lettuce Knits (the ONLY Canadian retailer) - UGH! Can't even find it on ebay.... oh well. I guess I will check it out the next time I happen to be in Toronto! I just love love love the colours (apparently there are about 10 different colour combos - I am curious to see what else exists!)

I also love today this Maya Wrap:

I would need a size M and I am hoping that I can put it on a my baby shower wish list.... That's the plan. I love it in black, and there is a red colour that I love too - (Fabric #65 Bright Multi Stripe ) (the black is #57) They go for about 50$ US on ebay. Oh, I'd love one of these beauties.

Today I managed to finish my project on time in class, there were some last minute changes that I had to do - so I'm hoping that everything is going fine and I get a good mark on it.

Also - I got back my mark on my dubble bubble assignment from last week - I got 84% (which is 16.8/20 of my final grade - which rounds up to a 17/20). I'm happy with that. Apparently it was "too simple" - whatever. The teacher is a hard marker and he smells bad all the time, so I'll take whatever. An 84% is a fantastic mark anyhow!

No knitting today. This evening I tried to work on my assignment that is due tomorrow - but that didn't work. I mailed off one more small parcel to my Secret Pal (she should get it before she leaves to BC this upcoming weekend) as it was sent with "1 day" service (can be 1-2 days, lol) and I hope she likes it. I sent her all of Knit Cast on CD-Rom so she can listen to them, as well as a cake of 130g of the black and white lace weight yarn I've been winding on my ball winder from the mega spool I got.

This evening I also finishing doing some art and putting the final touches on the huge and heavy birthday parcel for Cynthia. Our deadline to mail them out it July 1st. I have something else that I think I want to do - but I'll have to wait until Wednesday (my day off) to finish it. So I'll probably end up mailing out the package sometime Wednesday - just so that's it's en route, and on it's way to her. I hope she really likes the unique pieces that I've been making for her - as well as a few pieces that were purchased, that I just CAN'T WAIT for her to receive - I wish I could see her face when she sees them! Oh well!

Alright. Going to go rest up. And Jamie's out playing ball tonight, (sub on a team that didn't have enough guys) so I'm going to start cleaning up some stuff in my office. I just got this sudden urge to clean!

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