Saturday, June 17, 2006

Girl's Night Out

Today was a really nice day. I slept in a bit until about 11 am. (However now, I wish I had slept in longer). We went out for lunch with Jamie's dad & step-mom as well as Jamie's sister who was in town to celebrate my birthday and father's day. We wen out for Chinese and it was as delicious as ever. (Our fave Chinese place near us). I received a birthday gift from my in-law's - I got this gorgeous set of 3 travel makeup bags (but seeing as though I don't wear makeup - I plan to use them for knitting projects - they are certainly big enough! Perfect!). I also received a gift certificate to HBC and I can't wait to see what I can find for myself. Not sure what I want. One of the stores associated with HBC does sell yarn - but mainly acrylics and some cotton, and nothing else really that interesting. (The selection of yarn at Zellers is pretty crappy - as it really does only contain acrylic (which I will now only use for afghans, and baby items).

After lunch, I came back home and tidied up a bit. My sister-in-law came over and we sat in the backyard at my new patio set (minus the umbrella seeing as though we don't have the stand for it yet) and talked. Eventually some friends started arriving, and we were supposed to have a free facial/makeover at my house at 3pm. Well, this was moved from about 2 weeks ago, to today. I figured it would be cool to have her come a couple of hours before going out for my birthday dinner, and receive some nice treatments and then go out looking all pretty, for my birthday dinner. Well, 20 minutes before she was supposed to show up here (and she lives 1 hour away from Montreal in Mascouche), she cancelled on me. Says she can't get a babysitter and so she can't come (2 weeks ago, her husband had to work and she couldn't get the car. I wonder what was wrong with her husband, he obviously wasn't working, as she had the car today....?) I was very sad!

But, those who showed up early for the facial, we still had a good time. We hung out and talked, and enjoyed my backyard. It was nice.

Eventually a few more people who were coming just before we were to leave for dinner starting showing up.

My cousin Jenn got me a ball of sock yarn for my birthday - a ball that I had been admiring at her house - I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THE COLOURS! It's the Calgary Canadian Colour by Regia.

Don't you just LOVE the red, yellow, orange and pink mixture? Heaven! I can't wait to start knitting these up!

Dinner was fantastic and at the end of my usual meal, my cousin Jenn nonshalantly asked me "After the wedding, when I come back here - what dessert should I try?" I told her the cheese cake was fab! And .... a few minutes later, without me realizing, the waitresses came out singing happy birthday to me, with a nice piece of Cheese cake. Mmmmmmmm Boy was it delicious!

After dinner, outside we took some fun pictures. Here is a picture of Vera (with her coat as a pregnant belly) taking a silly picture with me, with my pregnant belly!

Here is a group picture of a few of us who came out for dinner! There was 12 of us girlies, and it was very nice. I had a good time.

Left to Right: Amy, Jenn, Robyn, Vera, Iris, Saskia.
After dinner four of us (Jenn, Vera, Andrea (my sister-in-law) & I) went out on Monkland for some "drinks". For me that meant water and a salad (since, of course, I was still hungry)! It was nice to go out with some friends for my birthday, just the girls. I can't remember when the last time I went out just the girls. This was definitely a treat.

I got treated to a few other gifts today:
From Vera I got a pot of gorgeous pink flowers.

From my sister I got 2 books (Odd Ball Knitting and a book on pregnancy/babies).

From my friend Julie I got a gift certificate to Thyme Maternity.

From Mindy, she paid for my portion of dinner (that was nice of her).

From Saskia I got some lipgloss, chocolate and bath soaps.

From Jenn I got that ball of Calgary Regia.
It was nice to receive some gifts, although totally unecessary! I just wanted my girlies to spend some time with me out to dinner, all that was just an added bonus!

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