Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jamie's Sock & The Yarn That Never Ends

My SP8 Pal is being spoiled right now majorly, for one, it's her birthday month (just like it was mine!) and also - because she's gone for the entire month of July in B.C. and won't have a mailing address. But I can resume spoiling her in August and part of September, when SP8 ends. Here's the huge birthday parcel I sent: (With two different kinds of yarn, {vintage sock yarn and brand new On Line City in a turquoisy colour she loves}, and a ton of other fun stuff.

In another package which she also received, I sent her a book off her amazon wish list. I thought the book looked really neat, so I picked it up for her, and sent it her way:

On the knitting front, I've started Jamie's socks:

I really love the pattern that has turned out of the Lana Grossa sock yarn. I hope it turns out that it's all got chunky stripes and it's not just random. Jamie's really happy that I've started his socks for him!
Also, on the knitting front, I've been winding on my ball winder, from a spool, some lace weight yarn. Last night at the knitting meet-up, I wound 2 cakes, one for my cousin Jenn, and one for another fellow knitter - Jennie E. I'd love to see what they make out of it. Jenn wants to make a lace shawl. Sounds great!

Each cake that I've made so far, is approx. 120-130 gram each, just a little more than what you'd get in a ball of sock yarn. Not too sure on the yardage though. And on top of it - you see NO DENT in the spool after one cake is wound - it's nuts! I have 4 cakes wound so far (2 given away) I think I'm going to send some off to my secret pal in a future package. I honestly think I'm going to make myself a lace shawl as well. I just have to find the right pattern. I also want to give a cake to a friend to make her smile - I think I'll surprise her with a present of yarn! I still have a LOT left on the spool after the 4 cakes of approx 130 grams each, and I still have a whole other spool! It was a lucky find, and I'm loving it!

On a non-knitting front - I went on a "field trip" with my class today, to a printing press that only specialized in newspapers. We got to see the daily "Le Metro" being printed for tomorrow's edition. They were also working on Saturday's edition, since they will be closed for the Quebec Holiday St. Jean Baptiste (which is Saturday). It was cool seeing how newspapers are being printed, but I honestly think it was a waste of 2 hours. The tour could have been done in less.... and my swollen feet/ankles were KILLING me after a 2 hour walk through this factory. (And on top of it - it really smelled!)

Anyhow, I'm off to go knit some more.

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