Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bridal Shower Fun & Sock Surgery

Jamie's car wouldn't start this morning, due to the rain (the wires on his car are old - he needs to get work done on his car) and so he had to take my car, as he was working today for my sister, so that she could attend the bridal shower as well. So I got stuck without a car, and luckily there was room in my grandmother's car for me to get a ride.

Today I had my cousin Jenn's bridal shower at 1pm. I had a lot of fun, and even got to dress up as a toilet paper bride (teams of 6 people toilet papered one person to look like a bride) No idea where this idea came from - but I was embarrased a little, and since I was the youngest one in my group and one of Jenn's bridesmaids, I was designated to be the toilet papered person

I had a really good time at the party, and I hope that the bride-to-be did as well! It was nice to see everyone in the family, and catch up with all the good news. Of course people were rubbing my belly - and at first it made me a little uncomfortable since I'm going through a phase right now where I don't want to be touched - but I guess I will have to get used to it - as my belly grows, I think people are going to want to rub my belly even more! This comes along with being pregnant I guess!

After the bridal shower, Jenn helped me fix my sock. (See problem in yesterday's entry about my boo-boo). So - this is what my sock looks like now:

Jenn picked up the stitched on the row below the ribbing that I had done and inserted my needles for me. (These are actually the 2.75mm Bamboo needles from my secret pal - boy did they come in handy - Thank You Secret Pal!) So, once I'm done closing the toe (which is the next step tomorrow) I will then use yarn to knit upwards! (Heel up). I never even thought this was possible to be fixed, but cousin Jenn to the rescue. I am soooo happy that I do not have to restart this sock all over again, and that there was a possible way to fix it. Do you see the really COOL pattern on the sock? I didn't want to lose that - and I felt that if I undid the sock, and restarted it - that it would be lost.... Anyhow, the knitting upwards is because I forgot to knit 8 rows after the ribbing, so I will knit 8 rows, then rib (k2 p2) for 8 rows, and then voila - my sock will be done! (I swear I have enough yarn for a third sock!) (Since I don't wear long songs, and love tennis socks - maybe mixed in with another yarn, I can do another pair of full socks!) (Once I have leftover sock yarn of another colour!) What do you think? Possible? (Anyhow, just to show you, I photographed the ribbing that was cut off - it's there above the foot part of the sock).

This evening I went to my sister's apartment, to check it out. I really like the way it's layed out. They have plenty of room for just the two of them, with their two adorable kittens. I am really glad I finally got to see my sister's place. I then got a ride home from my sister. It's been a really long day, and I'm just exhausted (with a little headache). So, since I have an 8 am class tomorrow, I'm going to go hop into bed. I am going to watch a little bit of TV, but I don't think I'll make it awake very long, I'm just zonked!

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