Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weird Coincidence!

So you want to hear a funny situation??!!! RANDOMLY and completely BY FLUKE I sent my SP pal the EXACT same 2 balls of yarn that she sent her Secret Pal! How random and coincidental that is!!! We both bought Plassard "Frange" yarn (shown in my May 19th post - showing what I sent her).
How FUNNY is that?

At first, as I mentioned, I was totally confused, and upon talking with my pal, we discovered what a fluke it was. She told me that she was also shocked herself, and boy - is that crazy, or what???!!

I have never seen a fluke like that before, it's just too ironic!

I guess great minds think alike - right??

Going to go eat dinner (I need to go pick it up - Mmmm Chinese food!!) and I'll blog later about my day at the yarn shops!

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