Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Wedding, Father's Day & Birthday Celebration

This morning at 11 am we had Jamie's good friend Marc's wedding to Kim. It was very nice, yet simple. It was a very small wedding, which was nice, as lately I've been to huge weddings that are very crazy hectic/busy (including my own!). It was a nice to go to a small affair for once. I have three more weddings to attend this summer (one in July in Ottawa, one in August the week before the one in September) and all three of those will be big weddings. The groom wrote a very nice speech to his new wife (Jamie & I didn't do any speeches at our wedding) and that was very nice. The food was excellent, and there was no dancing (nor a dance floor) at the hotel (which is where we went to after the ceremony at the synagogue near our house).

It's been a while, but here is a picture of Jamie & I. It's been a while since we've taken a nice one together (I think!) (Besides the one taken in Vegas, it's been a while).

At the wedding, we sat at a table with another couple (whom the groom works with) and finding out that they are due (to have a baby) the day before us (January 10th) at the same exact hospital (a different doctor though) and she warned us to be prepared that it may not necessarily be my doctor who will deliver the baby as he may not be on duty (this will be their 2nd child).

After the wedding, came home and napped for a little bit with Jamie, and then we headed over to my parents house for Father's Day dinner. Dinner was nice, but I was a little full from the huge lunch we had at the wedding. I got to go swimming for like 10 minutes - but that was exactly what I needed. I just wanted to get my fix of being in a bathing suit in a pool - it was just so refreshing.... even if for just a few short minutes.

My dad liked his father's day gifts, we got him a huge book on Mustangs and some Beatles collectable items. (His two favourite things, the cars and the musical band!). A perfect gift. Finally we had something this year, and it wasn't an IOU because he's a hard man to shop for!

After dinner we went over to my aunt's house to celebrate my birthday as well as my cousin Mike's birthday. Today was his actual birthday. He's exactly 363 days older than me, so he just turned 26 today.

Every year, my Aunt makes cookie cakes for us (as tradition) and usually it's just the shape of our name initial. This year, she got a little creative, and I got a happy face (which I still think is an alien) and Mike got a heart with an M on it.

We also got candles that don't blow out..... TRICK CANDLES. That was NOT nice. I didn't want to turn it out by licking my fingers and pinching it - didn't really want to touch the flame, so I used a piece of pineapple (hey - it's moist) to blow out the candles.
The cookie cakes were gone within minutes... They are always a huge hit and we have a very large family.
Today, I received some more birthday treats:
-From my parents - a card to go with the pair of glasses that they got me.

-From my grandmother - some birthday money (which will be applied to the last batch of yarn I purchased.

-From my Aunt, Uncle & Cousins - two gorgeous maternity shirts. I can't wait to wear them (probably on cool nights or in the fall - they are long sleeved. One is pink and one is white, they are really really nice! Nicer than a LOT of the maternity shirts I've been seeing!)

-From my brother & his girlfriend - two books (1 is a baby book for record keeping, and 1 is Diary of a Mad Mom-To-Be*)
* Funny story. Last year my brother & his girlfriend got me a copy of I Do, But I Don't by Cara Lockwood, which at the time they gave it to me, I was actually in the middle of reading it - and owned it. So we exchanged it for something else. This year, fluke again, they bought me Diary of a Mad Mom-To-Be by Laura Wolf. Which, ironically, I am in the middle of reading now, and own it. How funny is that? She must be psychic or something, to pick out the perfect books, which I would totally love to read, and am.... I guess she just knows me! Too funny. So sometime this week I'll go to Chapters & exchange them. Too funny.

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