Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Socks Done!

Upon coming home from school today (after finding out that my perspective project is now due next Thursday, insted of this Thursday (so I can now breathe!) I finished working on my socks! (My perspective project is coming along great - see yesterday's post with the images!) These are actually my first pair of finished socks. Very first pair!
I love my new socks. I've fixed the boo-boo with the error with the missing 8 rows - and love love love the pattern that spiraled on only one sock! Weird - but whatever! I seriously have 50 grams left of the yarn, (of a 100g ball) I am pretty sure that I have enough to make a second pair of socks! I'm going to use Jenn's scale on Saturday when I see her for my birthday dinner, but I am sure that I have enough! Crazy - really! Tennis socks don't take us much yarn! They're perfect for me too!
I am going to finish up on closing the toes on the socks that I started a while back (gosh, months ago - my first pair of socks ever that I started) and then I will continue on Clapotis. Right now I need a huge break from Clapotis.... It was just sooo repetative - that I got a little sick of it. However, it's coming along great, and I love it - but need a break from actually knitting it!

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