Thursday, June 29, 2006

Playing Cards & Charity Knitting

My charity knitting is coming along in great timing! I just just started this blanket yesterday!(it's knitted up in strips, each strip getting shorter. I can't really describe it, you'll have to see it when it's done). I was given the pattern with the yarn to use and all I needed was the needles (which I had - of course). I think I want to make one for the baby's room after I'm done this one, but I think I am going to wait until I find out the sex of the baby on August 17th. This way, I don't have to do it in neutral colours. This blanket takes NO TIME at all to knit up! However, it's a really boring project, as it's all in just knit stitch, so I'm really bored with it. There is no shaping, and no other things to do but knit all the way across .... It's looking great though. I have 8 more squares to do (3 attached x 2 and then 2 solo squares) and it will all be sewn together to make this very interestingly shaped throw for a baby's room floor. (For babies to play on). Since the middle colour (pink in this case) is the only place that colour is used, there is JUST enough leftover yarn to single crochet that colour around the edges of the finished blanket... so I think I will do that). I'm not really too sure about making tassles for the "points" of the blanket... I am not into tassles.

I am really happy on how fast this project (for charity) is knitting up. I'll be done in no time!

These are the knitting playing cards I found at a store the other day. I picked up a deck for myself and a deck to send over to my secret pal!

The yarn in this image looks to be acrylic, but it's the thought that counts for the image... (I'm starting to hate acrylic for anything that is not baby items....). (Acrylic is the only thing I'd knit baby stuff with - just because it washes!)
I am soooo happy that I have a long weekend. My mother-in-law is teaching me tomorrow how to make her cabbage roll recipe (my recent craving) and not too sure what else is going on the rest of the weekend, besides some knitting and relaxing. My tenants are moving out tomorrow, and my new ones are moving in on Monday, so we'll have one weekend with no feet stomping above our heads (how that will be nice!) I really hope my new tenant's kids will be have and not run around all hours of the day... but then again in 5 short months (Yes! I'm in my second trimester now! Week 13 has begun today!!!) I will have a baby, and who knows if my child will keep them up. I'm crossing my fingers and praying for a good child, but you never know if you will have a screamer or not!
I've been invited to a baby shower for my cousin's wife on July 12th - I think that will be fun. I've been to 1 baby shower before (Jamie's sister's) so I can't wait to see all my family and see how big the mama to be has gotten. The last time I saw her, she was 3 months pregnant and not really showing yet (she's a tiny little one!)

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