Monday, June 05, 2006

Socks & Clapotis

This morning I did the 4 hour quiz that I missed last week. Except, it didn't take my 4 hours. It maybe took me 45 minutes total. I didn't put 100% into it - as I was working on a project also that we started today, I need to recreate an ad/logo - so I chose Dubble Bubble, and this is what I will re-create. I think ti's a fun ad to do! I've already started it in Adobe Illustrator, so we'll see how it goes. The logo though, I'll be doing in Photoshop, as it is a Photoshop course. But the guy, I have to draw in Illustrator, I don't have the choice. It possibly could be done in Photoshop, all of it - but sooo much easier in Illustrator.

In my afternoon class, we got 3 projects back that we've handed in within the first 4 weeks of school. (We're in week 5 right now of 15 weeks). On my Cinema Project (the one I did with Donald & Daisy Duck) I got 18/20. On my restaurant flyer I got a 9/10. I lost 1 point because of a small tiny error on my digital file - ugh!!! But that's okay, no one got 10/10, so I don't feel so bad! And on my Rockport - which I was stressing about last week - and handed in on Thursday when I returned to school, I got 17/20. I lost 1 point because I had a font that was taking up dead space on my file - we need to watch out for that - apparently there was a font on a space (you know how you make a space with the space bar when typing) and I don't know how the frigg that happened - but whatever. And I lost another point for my logo not being grouped - but I am not complaining that one, since I had used Laura's logo - which the teacher new about - since my file kept corrupting, and Laura handed me over her logo - but I forgot to group all the shapes before saving as .eps and importing it into my file. I can't remember what the third point was taken off for, and the envelope with all the correction grids are still in my car. I don't feel like getting it right now.

I found a book I want - and wanted to add it to my froogle list, but it won't let me - I will try again later. It's Odd Ball Knitting by Barbara Albright. Looks fun!

I watched a ton of epsiodes of CSI upon returning home from school, and have been catching up on missed episodes from this past season.

While watching CSI I decided since I had finished sock number one, and I am sick of working on Clapotis for the time being. So - for a change, I will work on sock number two. I realized I never posted a picture of finished sock number 1, so here is the picture:

And here is sock number two started:

And here is my progress on Clapotis:

And here is a close-up of my beautiful Clapotis (that I need a knitting break from!)

I am going to go crawl into bed and knit sock number 2 - to finally complete a full pair of socks! (I still need to close the toes on the first pair of socks I EVER started!) That would be good - maybe soon! I need to get inspired to finish them. Hopefully soon!

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