Monday, June 19, 2006

Swatch Night & Stanley Cup

Today I had a crappy day in school. I got enough sleep last night, I feel asleep aroung 11pm - and then woke up this morning almost getting 7 1/2 hours of sleep. Which normally should be enough, but lately, I guess not.

In my morning class we handed in our advertisment logo (mine was the dubble bubble ad I did) and then we learned some new effects, and revised for a quiz next week. (I'm not worried about it - we're allowed to use our notes, which I took damn good ones of!)

In my afternoon class I started on the project that is due next Monday, but I was getting very nauseas in class and the classroom was a tad noisey today, and I just couldn't concentrate. I'm actually thinking about taking tomorrow off, to sleep in and catch up on some sleep, and also to work on my project due Thursday and also this project due next Monday. I have all day tomorrow, all day Wednesday and I hope to get it done before the weekend, because I don't want to have any work to do on the weekend. It's a long weekend, and I just want to relax. (It's a Quebec holiday this weekend, St. Jean Baptiste - and it's too bad it falls on a Saturday, as I don't get a day off from school - which would have been nice - but oh well).

I got home mid-afternoon, watched Oprah, and then mindless TV for a few hours, in the heat, trying to cool off by a fan. I swatched 2 different yarns, I wanted to see what I'd get from it - and so I can decide what to do with it.

Above I swatched the Classic Elite Miracle yarn on 4.5mm circulars.

Above I swatched the Gedifra yarn I got a while ago, on 6.5mm circulars.

Wonder what I can make with these..... Can't decide.

The North Carolina Hurricanes just won the stanley cup.... (WHAT HAPPENED EDMONTON???) Maybe Montreal has a chance next year - I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Alright, I'm beyond exhausted. I'm going to crawl into bed, and hope that it's cooler in there, than in my boiling hot office (tomorrow I MUST bring a fan into here while I'm working on school work, or I'm going to die of heat!) I'm hoping it rains over night, so that the heat goes away (rather the humidity goes away - it's doing nasty things to my hair!)

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