Saturday, October 07, 2006

Biodome, Dinner & Spun

Today, I went to the Biodome with my out of town guests from Philly - my friends Lauren & Seth. We had a really good time, and I'm shocked - Jamie actually enjoyed himself! (He's not really a fan of touristy things in his own city - but he actually enjoyed himself. That made me happy). My favourite part of the Biodome was the penguins...! Here are two of my favourite shots from this afternoon.

I just find it pretty cool that we have penguins living in my city! It's pretty fascinating. There were otters, and beavers and bats, prairie dogs and all sorts of crazy animals!

After the Biodome we headed back to our place. I dropped off Jamie & Seth and Lauren & I went over to the outside strip mall near my place to check out a few things and also pick up some groceries.

Eventually we came back, got ready and headed out to my favourite restaurant - Cucina for dinner. Dinner was delicious, and everyone had a good time.

Upon getting home from dinner - the Habs won the hockey game (in a shootout!) and then we sat down to watch a movie - Spun - a movie I've seen before - which I love. It's a messed up movie with drugs and stuff, and it's just really well directed, and the scenes are just really well done. I like the movie for the movie - not because it's about drugs (since I don't do drugs). Debbie Harry is even in this movie! I got a lot of knitting done during the movie - the baby V-neck cardigan is coming along very nicely.

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maggieBB said...

I love penguins. like, to a ridiculous degree... but they don't even have any at the Toronto Zoo, which is the closest thing to me :(