Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tam's & Cooking

Today, after getting up - Lauren & I went to get a couple of things at the Pharmacy. Jamie's been sniffling lately, and we have ran out of kleenex. I also wanted to get my hands on some Colgate Max Fresh - which Lauren & Seth have introduced me to - it's the newest greatest toothpaste available.

My mouth just feels sooooo clean after brushing with it - that I had to pick some up - and the good news is - it was on sale at the pharmacy by my house - which was even more fantastic! The Arm & Hammer Cinnamon flavored stuff I've been using - not so good. My mouth - just doesn't feel clean using it.

Oh--- guess what? I got my swift on Friday. I forgot to mention it - how could I forget!! Lauren brought it in for me - as I had it shipped to her house in Philly - as would only ship UPS to an American address. They didn't mind taking a Canadian credit card though! I can't wait to figure out how to use it properly (it came with absolutely no instructions whatsoever. Now, I can figure out the jist of how to use it - but as far as the exact usage - and to place the yarn, etc... and if there are any tricks to using it - I have no idea at the moment. I am sure it's not difficult - but still!

Anyhow, this afternoon I took Lauren on a tour of the city. Seth wanted to stay back at my house and watch NFL games with Jamie all afternoon. Jamie is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan - and that is Seth's home team! I am so glad that the two of them get along great! They watched football and we went out on the town! First, we stopped by the mountain, and I showed her the "lookout" area, and then we headed down to where Tam's was being held - and that was great.

Here is some video footage of how cool Tam's is - and why I love just sitting there listening. Make sure your speakers are on!!! This video footage was taken on Lauren's digi cam - since my Canon Rebel XT does not take video and I didn't have Jamie's Fuji Z1 on me - which was charging on the charger at home. I guess I used up all the battery power - oops! (Nothing wrong with that).

It was nice to see all the crafty vendors and they stuff they were selling. I didn't buy anything today - as I didn't see anything that I wanted. We had sat down by Tam's for about 30 minutes, and it was just a GORGEOUS day today.

After leaving Tam's I gave Lauren a tour of downtown, the old port, china town (the small area that it is) and then to the Orange Julep. Lauren DID NOT like the drink, but I do - so I had one, but I am glad she at least tried it. I think the egg inside the drink may have turned her off. Maybe I should NOT have told her what was in there - lol - just kidding!

This afternoon Lauren & I watched the movie The Lakehouse. I like Sandra Bullock, but I am not that big of a Keanu Reeves fan. The movie - while cute - was not realistic at all - nor believable. It was just too far fetched - but for a 'chick' flick - it was cute, and entertaining. I worked on my knitting during the movie - I've only got about 20 more rows of baby Sean's v-neck cardigan to go - before I can block it and put it away for his arrival. Next project - I think I am going to work on the purse that I will either knit or crochet for my mother-in-law for her birthday. I just haven't decided yet on a pattern and if it will be knit or crochet. I have a really nice yarn picked out for it - I will get you the details when I start working on it!

This evening Lauren & I cooked the boys dinner. (They enjoyed life today - watched football, sat back and relaxed while the wives cooked dinner)... what could be better? We made stir-fry and a salad, and it was delicious. We ate for the first time on our fine Mikasa china that we got as wedding presents. We figured that if we don't use it now - what the heck are we waiting for? I am in love with our china - for it's uniqueness and it's moderness....!

This evening Lauren & I chilled and the boys watched more football. Lauren & Seth are leaving tomorrow morning to get home (it's about an 8 hour drive home) and they have classes to teach on Tuesday (Monday - tomorrow is both Canadian Thanksgiving and American Columbus Day) and so they don't want to get in too late. It was Fantastic having them stay with us for the weekend, and we look forward to seeing them again in the future. As of this week, I enter my 3rd trimester - and I won't be doing any traveling until after the baby is born (except a small drive to my sister-in-law's for the weekend for my nephew's 4th birthday party in November - can't miss that!)

I got emailed my SP9 partner - I can't wait for it to begin. The cool thing - the woman I am spoiling - her birthday is the day after mine (not the same year though). How wicked is that??


maggieBB said...

yay for swifts! I don't know how I survived before I had one ;) (well, yeah, I do - I had my yarn wound into balls in yarn shops..)

sounds like you had a great holiday weekend :) i've been at work for the greater part of mine ;P

aj_brainylady said...

We went to the big orange yesterday, too! Yummy.