Monday, December 18, 2006

Today Was Swap Mail Day!

I got up early this morning to go to my Obgyn apt. I brought my doctor's nurse some coffee & timbits, and I think she really appreciated it. Every week now it's been the same faces sitting in the doctor's office, all very pregnant women. I wonder if I'll run into any of them at the hospital. It would be nice to see what their babies look like, etc - after seeing them for so many of my visits to the doctor's office! I lost 4 lbs of the 7 lbs that I gained in water retention - I'm not as swollen as I was - phew! (Feel good about that!) I am still not happy with what the scale says - but that's a whole other story. I've definitely come to love my body more now that I'm pregnant, but I still have to get it in my head that I'm pregnant - and that is what the scale reflects!

Good news! Sean started dropping lower and is making his way down the birth canal! Who knows when he'll be born, but it could be any time now. Time to get my car seat installed and finish packing my hospital bag (can we say procrastination?) I don't have another appointment until January 4th, 2007, only because next Monday is Xmas, and the Monday after that is New Years day, so the 4th is the next time he's in the office. Originally I was given an apt for this Friday morning, but my doctor was like - "I don't need to see you - everything looks great - who knows maybe you won't even make it until your January 4th apt!" Who knows!!!

On my way home, I took the bus to the shopping center around the corner from my house, and mailed off a very small and lightweight package for a knitswap I'm involved in. I had a ball in a certain colorway that this woman in the USA was looking for - and she's mailing me back, a ball of sock yarn - Mega Boot Stretch in Colorway 704. I think it's a very nice color that she's sending me. She said it should go into the mail today or tomorrow. I've never knit with Mega Boot before, can't wait to check it out.

Upon returning home, I received some mail from my Stitch Marker Swap that I hosted.

I got an awesome little package from Rosanna! What a sweetheart. I got a TON of stitch markers and also a ball of yarn! (I forgot to photograph the yarn - so sorry - I apologize!)

I received some blue stitch markers - very pretty!

I received these really awesome stitch markers - an added bonus. You see - the swap called for 5 handmade stitch markers per swap. Rosanna sent me 15!!!! (5 blue beaded ones, 5 snowmen & 5 presents!) They are just too cute:

To view more angles of these stitch markers (I was playing around with my camera) click here.

Rosanna also received a package from me today in the mail! dellybean as well. Here is what I sent them!

Mail to Rosanna: (Photo curtosey of Rosanna)

Mail to dellybean: (Photos curtosey of Dellybean)

Dellybean Modeling a pair of earrings that I sent her. Apparently they remind of her of fish!

I ordered some yarn from Destash (new stuff posted and sold daily! You REALLY have to be quick!) and I can't wait to get it in the mail. I think I got a good deal for all of this - and some is for me, and some is for gifts. I'm not telling what is for what - I guess you'll have to wait & see! I'm in love with the pink colorway from Knitpicks.

This afternoon I went to do a few errands, but didn't go far from my house. Hubby still is worried about me driving too far and having a bad contraction (which I don't think I've had yet, still!) I picked up a few items I needed to finish the last of my Xmas shopping.

I went early to what I think will be my last Pre-Natal Aqua class tonight, and at first I thought I was having a private class, but then a new girl (Shayna) showed up, which was actually good, because even though I enjoy chatting with Hendrica, I just wasn't feeling too good, and didn't want to make an hour's worth of conversation. Shayna talked for almost the entire hour, and it was nice to just listen. I was in the pool for a good 20 minutes before the class even started, and I can sooooo see my groin muscle NOT hurting tomorrow one bit! The water REALLY does wonders. Hendrica wished me an easy delivery, and made me promise to send pictures once Sean's born. That will be my pleasure. What bothered me tonight, oddly, was the fact that this Shayna girl is one of those people that uses her entire face and facial expressions to speak. To me, I just thought she looked rediculous, and I think I had to bite my tongue a few times to not laugh.... why this amused me, I couldn't tell you. It just looked retarded!

This evening I worked on cleaning up the tags on my blog (I didn't realize there was sooo many spelling errors from fast typing and almost duplicates of the same tag), so I cleaned that up, in preparation to move my blog from private to public. It's going to be very freeing! I can just feel it!

I've also been working today on some earrings and stitch markers. Oh - I love to bead. Tomorrow I want to head out to Omer & the bead shop. Because I haven't had any contractions yet, and my groin muscle felt great last Tuesday (the day after my aqua class), I'm taking advantage to drive a *little* further than Jamie's limitations for me (with his permission of course), and go to both shops. (I must get out of this house - I don't want to go stir crazy!)

Jamie's working late tomorrow (12-9) to help out, so we get to sleep in and cuddle tomorrow. (I've been sleeping back in the bed - the futon on the floor proved to be just as bad as sleeping in the bed. It's a lose-lose situation either way - I just can't get comfortable!)


Jenny said...

Congrats on the good news from teh dr. appointment and I will keep my fingers crossed that everything progresses well and there is no need for than Jan 4 appointment! I just love all those little stitch markers, they are too cute, especially the little presents!

Rhoda said...

talk about bead mania!! i really like those snowman stitch markers you got and that pendant is so pretty!