Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Noro & Stella

Today, I have not been feeling well. I woke up when Gaz Met rang my bell to change the meter in my garage. After he left (which was after about 15-20 minutes), I went back to sleep for about 2 hours, waking up near quarter to noon. I was woken by really loud drilling. At first I thought it was my tenants, but it turns out that it was next door (attached duplex) and it was getting on my friggin nerves. Thank goodness that Kadi came out with me this afternoon, because I would not have been able to stay home. I hope that this doesn't occur tomorrow again.
Right now, though, I'm still not feeling well. It is NOT pregnancy related. I think it's due to the expired cream cheese that I ate last night. I didn't realize that it read that it expired Sept 20th (which I was still in Europe at that date) and this cream cheese was only purchased AFTER my return, in October. Why was the grocery store selling expired cream cheese? That, I do not know. But, it's made me sick all day. I kinda wish I could have stayed in bed all day, but whatever. I am happy I left the house to go to two different Yarn shops.

First, Kadi & I went to Effiloche. Ginette apologized for my treck out there yesterday, she realizes she needs to update her website. I bought some Noro Kureyon to make Fetching.

Second stop was at Mouline, where I purchased some Stella Yarn for Jamie's Irish Hiking Scarf.

This yarn, from Peru, is:
50% Baby Suri
40% Extra Fine Merino
10% Cashmere
100 grams (200 meters)
and I bought 2 hanks.

Jamie approves of the color (it's a really nice grey), and instead of 5-6 balls of Zara plus costing me nearly 60$, I got these 2 hanks of Stella (which actually comes from Brossard, Quebec after arriving in Canada from Peru!) for 40$ with tax and my Montreal Knits discount. (19.95$ a hank before 10% discount). Oh, and guess what? Svetlana's birthday is January 12th, and she said that if Sean is born on that date, to come in for a free present (mmmm, yarn!?) LOL. Oh - I'll definitely hold her to that! You better believe it!

Tomorrow, I'll cast on for Fetching AND Jamie's birthday hiking scarf.

I'm still looking for the perfect pattern for my mother-in-law's (step-mother-in-law - not the evil witch) birthday purse that I want to either knit or crochet for her. Anyone, have any ideas for me? It's just a small evening bag that I want to make her, with long straps. (The straps are irrelevant though).

Before leaving to our Hospital Visit tonight, I caught Zeus in my overnight bag from this past weekend. What a funny guy! Anyhow, our hospital visit was alright. I just wanted to know where to go when I went into labor, and we got to see the laboring room, and the post-natal ward. I inquired about breastfeeding after a c-section, because I had heard a rumor that if you have a c-section they won't give you your baby right away to breastfeed, but they will - after you are out of recovery, and they do not feed the baby formula or anything, they consult the mother first. I do plan on doing a birth plan - they encourage it. They have a jacuzzi, and most rooms have showers in it (for during labor), and they will not give epidurals unless the patient wants it. I feel a LOT more confident now about giving birth at the Montreal Jewish General - let me tell you that. And, whomever was the idiot that told me that I can't bring in food into the hospital because it has to be kosher, was wrong. You are allowed to bring your own food into the birthing center, while I was there tonight, some father came in with Tim Horton's - lol - to bring his wife. I feel a lot better.

The braxton-hicks contractions are getting a little bit worse and worse by the week - and maybe even now by the day.... I'm still only in my 32nd week of pregnancy, this Thursday marks the start of week 33... but time is running out, my due date is approaching, and even though I'm ready for this baby (well as soon as the crib comes in the next week or two), then we're good to go any time! (Actually, we're not even using the crib for the first few months - I plan on using the basinette - so I don't even need the crib to be ready for Sean to arrive!)

Anyhow, I'm going to go watch Nip/Tuck, and then head to bed. I'm still not feeling too good, and I want to watch some tv (no knitting tonight, I'm not in the mood - yeah - can you believe it?) and then sleep. My bed and my body pillow are very comforting.

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Hello! I hope you are feeling even a little bit better today! I hope you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy.

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