Thursday, November 09, 2006

3d Ultrasound

Today was my 3d Ultrasound with UCBaby. My stubborn son, had his legs in front of his face the entire time. At one point, he was even sucking on his toes. (I guess he doesn't hate feet like his daddy does)! Anyhow, since his feet were in his face the entire time - we got one shot of about 3/4 of his face and one picture of him sucking on his toes. I have to go back next Thursday, and hopefully he'll be in another position then (with no feet blocking his face!) The good news is, that he's head down, so he's not breech! At this point, he won't turn back, (they say that at this point that if he's breech, he still has a 15% chance of turning, or something like that, but that if he's already head down for birth, that he won't turn back!) So that is good news. So, today, was fun, but not the experience I was looking for. Next week is my last chance for the 3d ultrasound because I'll be 33 weeks, and with the baby growing bigger each week, the room for him to move decreases (obviously) so, they have a "cut off date" for the 3d Ultrasounds for good results).

With further ado - the two pictures that I did walk out with today...

This above picture is of 3/4 of Sean's face. You can see by his mouth, there is a foot, and by the top of his right eye, there is another foot. I have NO IDEA how my son is comfortable in my belly like this.

And during the session, he decided to start sucking on his toes. It was cute watching him wiggle his toes and move his feet around (of course always staying by his face!) I hope next week, his feet will no longer be infront of his face, so we can see it more clearly. It will be a totaly disappointment to not get good results from this!

In case you are NOT sure what you are looking at, here is the same picture as above, with a legend of sorts, of what you're looking at:

Do you see now?? That's my son - sucking on his toes!!!

Here is my 32 week belly shot:

And yes, that's the same shirt I'm wearing in most of the pictures I've been taking lately. To be honest, I have 2 of them, the exact same shirt, and it's very very very comfortable. It's my "comfort" shirt right now. It fits my belly, and I love it. Plus, I've been into shades of greens lately, and well, aqua, is a shade of green. I'm very pregnant and well - my wardrobe is VERY limited - lol. I own 2 sweaters that fit, and just a few long sleeved shirts. And you know what? I'm home enough to do laundry, and I don't care that I wear the same thing a few times in one week! No one else should care either!

I decided that I am dying to try cables, so since Jamie needs a new scarf (due to the disaster of the scarf I made him for Valentine's Day this past year, when I was just "learning to knit" still, and crocheting most stuff still), well, I picked out a pattern for his scarf, and he likes the pattern. He just assured me that he does NOT want his scarf in this exact color. He wants it in black.

I plan on knitting it his birthday. (December 10th) It's the Irish Hiking Scarf and for the free pattern, click here. Looks simple. And for someone who has never cabled before, I'm really looking forward to trying it out! The pattern is very simple, and I shouldn't need any help with it!

Then, while browing the website HelloYarn, I found this hugs and kisses pattern, and want to make it also - for me! Ha! I'm a project hog. I keep wanting to make myself things! (Is there something wrong with that?!) Anyhow, I need to finish my Woven Trellis first, before I start thinking about knitting another scarf for myself. Plus - there are other projects that I need to do (A purse for my mother-in-law for her birthday, a sewn bag for my sister-in-law for hers... my hubby's scarf - and I want to make something else for Sean while I'm still preggers!)

I got my copy of One-Skein Wonders today in the mail, and I LOVE IT! There are some fabulous patterns in it. But, like I just said, other projects to start before I even think about starting a new project from the book!

This evening Jamie and I chilled on the couch and watched Heroes from Monday night, and Lost from last night. I got Jamie into Lost just recently, so he's downloaded Season 1 and he's even downloaded season 2. Season 3 he's in the middle of watching on TV now. I told him that he should start watching it without me, but that I would probably start watching episodes with him, cuz it's such a good show. I worked on the Woven Trellis while watching TV.

I've got a lot to do tomorrow before heading off to my nephew's birthday party at my sister-in-law's place. We'll be spending the weekend at her house, very excited to see everyone all together again!

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