Friday, November 24, 2006

Birthday Party Surprise

Today I got woken up first thing in the morning by my Obgyn's nurse. I may have gestational diabetes, which could account for why I've got no energy and I'm always sleeping or sleepy or tired. I'm going to see my doctor first thing Monday morning anyhow, I have a checkup and then I'm off to the hospital for more testing. If it's 100% certain that I have gestational diabetes (which is common in 2-3% of pregnancies (yeah, that's a LOW rate!) then, I'll probably just have to adjust my diet and be followed more closely by the doctor during the rest of my pregnancy as well as during labor. No biggy. But now I've got answers to my excess lack of energy. I can understand being tired in your third trimester, especially near the end - but THIS tired? I didn't think it was possible. I've also lost motivation to do things and in things, and all I want to do is sleep, watch tv and knit or read. I find myself ignoring my list of things to do... which is no good! Especially when it's small things that I could be doing. I'm NOT talking about scrubbing the kitchen floors or anything! I'll know more Monday, all the nurse was able to tell me was that my sugar levels were through the roof! Ouch! I don't want Sean to have problems with sugar regulation problems after he's born, and I don't want him to grow too large in my uterus, either. But for now, people look at me and tell me I don't look like I've got only 48 days to go, they look at me, and say I look small (thanks! because I feel like a beached whale!) I also don't want him to grow too large, he does have to fit out of my "down there" to come out!!

I got up, ate breakfast, surfed the net, read my bloglines, checked my emails and then watched CSI from last night (I had watched Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy last night upon going upstairs) and then after CSI I took a nice nap.

Jamie woke me up from my nap to see if I wanted him to bring me home lunch (I did not), and then as I hung up with him, my sister-in-law called me and we spoke for about half an hour. She wanted to know if she could stay with us tomorrow night. At first I said yeah, no problem, thinking it was just her and my nephew. Turns out she's looking for a place also for her new boyfriend and his 2 kids (15 year old girl & 8 year old boy). What I didn't know is that Jamie doesn't feel comfortable with this, and you know what? Thinking about it... neither do I. It would be one thing if there was nothing going on during the weekend, but they're only getting in around 2pm tomorrow, and Jamie and I have to leave around 6pm for the hockey game (we have Habs tickets tomorrow night) and won't get in until about 10-10:30pm. I don't know if I feel comfortable with 3 strangers in my house (yes, they wouldn't be alone, they'd be with my sister-in-law) while I'm not home, and Jamie feels the same way. Anyhow, I'm hoping the her "First Resort" works out, and I don't want to end up being the last resort. I totally don't mind at all my sister-in-law and nephew staying with us - plenty of room for them, but 3 extra people, in my small den? I don't think so. There really isn't enough room. My sister-in-law had it all planned out how she'd have everyone set up in there, but I just don't feel comfortable with the plan. Ugh. I don't want to be stuck in this situation tomorrow where she's expecting to stay here with all of them. I have no energy to deal with this. I'll let Jamie talk to her. I think I'd rather not get involved. And on top of it - I have no food in the house to feed these people, nor money to feed these people. I have enough food for Jamie and I to get by, and I just wasn't planning on doing groceries until sometime mid-week next week. And money is a little tight this month with an extra mortgage payment (we pay every 2 weeks and it just so happens that there are THREE Wednesday in November! Nov. 1st, 15th, & 29th. So when we're used to just TWO payments a month, this month, we're slapped with an extra payment! But, it's a three payment month as well - there are THREE pay days this month, so it works out, but it just seems that life has been a little expensive lately! LOL.... Oh well, I'm not worried, nor is Jamie, and all is good!

Tonight we had a friend's 40th surprise birthday out near the Ontario border, (45 minute drive about) and we had a good time.

The boys played a little foozeball...

The girls played a little bit of darts... (yeah, we sucked!)

Look, I don't even look pregnant here! (above)

Oh, but here I do!

And a nice picture of Jamie and I. I really like this one (No double chin! HEE HEE!)

Before leaving I snuck into the bathroom to take some 34 week shots since I liked the lighting and the deco in the bathroom! Hee hee! (Always looking for new places to do self-portraits!):

34 weeks baby! Only 5 weeks and 6 days to go... that's 48 days!

And I thought this shot was fun!


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kadi said...

I can't say this enough, I hate you and your hockey tickets! Ok...not hate, but am terribly jealous. Hope the habs win!

Oh...and what's up with you and other peoples bathrooms (hihihihi)