Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jelly Bean Mood

Picked up this huge jar of jelly beans while out today on my run to the post office/pharmacy. They taste just like Jelly Belly's and flavors that I would never have eaten before getting pregnant, suddenly are very tasty!

Today was a very blah day. It was rainy and depressing outside. I waited at home for my order from Chapters, which said was shipped in 2 parts. The part that was shipped first, hasn't arrived yet, but one book that was shipped last, has arrived arrived, yesterday morning (A Tale of Two Sisters by Anna Maxted). I REALLY wanted One Skein Wonders and Not Buying It to come - still waiting on them! LOL. Maybe tomorrow.

This evening I went to pre-natal class with Jamie. It was all about support during labor, and massaging techniques, as well as breathing. Jamie didn't really enjoy it, and "said" he knew everything already (but has never had a baby before with anyone, so how can he?) and will not be attending any more sessions with me. I honestly have gotten everything out of the class that I wanted, and don't think I'll be going to next week's class. Honestly, the nurse teaching it is a little scatterbrained and weird, and I'd rather go knitting with Montreal Knits next week, than sit and listen to her talk about breastfeeding. (When I plan on going to a Laleche league meeting next week). I've been doing so much reading anyhow, I'm just not worried at all.

I am VERY excited for my 3d/4d ultra sound tomorrow. We get to walk away with pictures tomorrow, but apparently they are having problems with their DVD recorder, so they will mail us the video. I'm thinking that maybe I'll suggest picking it up when it's ready, Jamie works next door to them, and I drive, so I could always pick it up. I'm kind of disappointed that I won't get to take the video with me this weekend when I got to my nephew's birthday party, it would have been cool to show everyone. Oh well. Maybe their machine will be fixed by tomorrow. I doubt it, but whatever! Very excited to see more fine details of Sean's attributes. Does he still have my nose? Does he have a lot of hair? Can you tell if he has hair? Does he have my mouth? Jamie's nose? Jamie's mouth? Will he be sucking his thumb? Will he be waving his hands? Will he be resting his hands on his head like he was in the last ultra sound I did at 19 weeks at the hospital? Very excited to see what he looks like! Tomorrow marks the beginning of my 8th month, and 8 weeks to go. Baby's room is complete (minus crib which has been ordered) and monitor and swing which are still missing, but not rush. I swear, I have everything else needed for Sean to arrive - including a bib count of now 54 bibs, and 94 washcloths. (I think I have enough wash cloths, lol...!) 11 hooded towels (2 of which are newborn size only) and plenty of crib sheets now, and even a hospital bag almost packed. (Just missing for myself, some really cozy slippers. I'm thinking about going to get a pair tomorrow, while I'm out for my ultrasound). I cannot find my slippers. I have NO idea where they went. I hope they didn't end up going out with the trash, things have been getting trashed lately.... don't ask!

Tonight I watched Survivor on tape with Jamie from last week, and worked on knitting my woven trellis scarf. I hope I don't have this same problem that this girl had.... at the end. That would suck. But who knows how it will end up - if I'll have to rip any out, or knit up some more on any one tube. I also knitted all afternoon while vegging at home watching the rest of the second season of L Word. I'm now officially ready to start season 3 (which I've downloaded). Anyone interested in season 2? I still have it up for grabs (Season 1 went to Maggie since she's seen season 2 & 3, but not 1).

Here's hoping to a fun ultrasound tomorrow, and some mail from Chapters!

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