Wednesday, November 01, 2006

SP9 Contest, Dentist Visit & Prenatal Classes

This morning before leaving to the dentist I got some mail. In my mailbox was this awesome prize from Raesha, for entering one of her contests!

So I got some awesome vintage sewing stuff!

At the dentist, they had this really cute elephant on the shelf (I still go to my "child" dentist, lol) and I really want to make an elephant like this for Sean. I'm going to see if I can create my own pattern and make one! Obviously in boy colors! Yes, my dentist has a toy box for his patients to pick one out afterwards, but I haven't checked the toy box in years.. lol... I think I'm a little too old for that. They totally are cool that I still come to them (Hey - the dentist is a shitty experience each time, even when you have no cavities - YEY! NO CAVITIES (never have, hope to never get), and if he's willing to accept me and SEAN at some point, then great!) Why switch if I am comfortable going there?

Today, I picked up Knitting Rules, and Yarn Harlot at the bookstore where my prenatal class was being held in the same building. Her first book, At Knit's End - I already owned. So now, I have Steph's books to get autographed next week - and hope to get to reading them asap!

For the SP9 contest for my group, I've been making some crochet dishcloths. I have made these three for my secret pal, sending them in her first huge package (Which I plan to mail in the next few days). I have everything for it, just need to write a note to go with it, wrap everything in tissue in the box, and then package it for mailing. I've made a whole bunch more since making these three for my secret pal (I guess that's the good thing about not working - lol) and plan to give them with gifts. I guess I should also make myself some for my kitchen. They're great, because they're washable and not disposable!

So tonight I went to my first prenatal class. I got accepted at last minute, and the class actually started last week, but because there has been so many people interested, she gave a make-up class today, before the actual class started. So there are 4 more weeks of classes. I am happy that I went. Tonight, I watched the movie Stages of Labor and we learned about Sids, Epidurals, C-sections and Vaginal Birth. We also went over what to pack to bring to the hospital. I didn't really introduce myself to anyone, but I was the ONLY one there without a partner (husband/boyfriend, whatnot). Next week Jamie will come with me, because it's about the man supporting the woman during labor, but I don't know if he'll come with me to the ones after that.

Let me tell you - I am NOT HAVING AN EPIDURAL. Call me crazy, but I don't want a tube sticking out of my back. Plus, by having an epidural, I'll be imobile, and I want to be able to walk, and pee on my own. There are other ways of coping with labor pains, and I plan to do it without an epidural. The thought of having a tube sticking out of my back, well, just freaks me out, and I just don't want one! Obviously, I'll take drugs if I have to have a C-section, but for a vaginal birth - I'll be doing it au-naturel.

Jamie laughed at me tonight when I got in from knitting (I went for about an hour after the prenatal class) and I told him that I didn't want an epidural because I'm afraid of them. Let him laugh - I'll show him!


miss said...

can't blame you on the epidural thing - the very idea of those scares me! (but, so does giving birth any way at all ;) )

Do you keep up with the new season of ER? I have to download it (I watch grey's anatomy at a friend's house, and he refuses to watch ER now that dr green is gone :P ) and Abby went to a prenatal class in the ep I watched this weekend (from 2 or 3 weeks ago..) - it was kind of funny :)

Maggie said...

oops! you invite me over with me 'proper' email, and i don't even sign in with it to leave a comment! d'oh! ;P

raeshadrz said...

I'm so glad you liked your goodies:):) After you have your angel I'll tell you all about my morphine, epidural and spinal block:):)