Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Infant Sized Kippah

Today I got up again as Jamie was leaving for work. I got a lot accomplished today, including some laundry and even some chores around the house - as well as organizing my Xmas swapping packages. I'm swapping with Raesha, Cynthia & Lainie for Xmas this year (it'll be nice as it's the only Xmas gifts I'm exchanging this year). Jamie and I decided that we won't be exchanging gifts, the money could be used elsewhere (property taxes will be due in January and then again in March) - ugh. I also organized my Xmas package for my Secret Pal, and a chanukah care package for a friend in Philly. Really happy that is all organized. I can't wait to get that all in the mail!

Today, my cousin Jennifer helped me master starting the kippah. I was having a HUGE problem getting it started, I was chaining my crochet loops, and then using the actual chain loops and trying to crochet into them, no one ever told me that I had to use the center loop to start my increasing and stitches. OY! But now, I've mastered crochet in the round (knitting in the round - hey, NO problemo!) but now I can do all!

Here is the kappah, infant size of course, for Sean's bris. I am going to make Jamie a matching one, so they can wear it together! I don't know how the kippah will stay on Sean's head, so I'm hoping he has a full head of hair! I made the kippah plain and simple, nothing fancy, I just wanted to keep it classy. It's in a very nice blue:

The pattern is from here. I made the kippah for Sean just about 4 inches total.

I haven't gone to meet her yet, but Piper has arrived at my parents house. Serge, who is Bosco's co-owner, and a friend of my mother's had a late arrival into Montreal (from Bradford, Ontario). I hope to get out to meet her tomorrow, if I get my to-do list done, then I'll go - if not she's not going anywhere, so it'll be the next day!

Bosco is the one with the blue colar, photo curtosey of my sister.

Apparently Piper is a real princess. Oy, I can't wait to meet her! I wonder how my mom is handling two great danes. My grandmother on the other hand, is going to shoot my mother - but that's another story all together! I can't wait to speak to my mom tomorrow to find out how she's dealing!

Upon returning home from the Habs game tonight (what a game by the way!) I took a photo of my belly in Habs gear! This is me, 5th day into my 34th week (still got an inny belly button!)

The habs game was insane. We played the Florida Panthers tonight. We went into overtime with a score of 0-0. No goal in overtime. Then came a shootout. Kovalev scores. Panthers score. Koivu scores. Panthers miss! Ryder misses. Panthers miss - and we win the shootout - winning the game 1-0. Whooot!

I did not end up going to the game early tonight to buy my husband the practice habs jersey that he wants. I did not buy my son a habs sleeper. My husband refused to let me buy that. He does not want any presents. He's being really stubborn. Anyhow, I'm going to see how much the practice jersey is at the Habs store near my parents house, or at the sports shop, and if it's crazy expensive, then I'll think twice, but if it's a responsable price, what's a few extra dollars on my visa? (Maybe I should keep reading NOT BUYING IT: My year without shopping!) LOL.

The pain I have in my groin area - I thought it was from sleeping with the body pillow - but I'm thinking that it may be Sean pressing as he's getting ready for birth. He should be dropping any day now, and I have not yet noticed my belly any lower, but maybe I just don't "see" it... LOL.

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Flare said...

Thanks for the invite to your blog! Your belly is so cute! I hope my belly button stay an inny, we'll see...