Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fetching Version 2

The Yarn Harlot finally posted about her trip to Montreal. Here's a pic from her site, from her angle, of her travelling sock - but with me in the audience - FRONT ROW!!! The pink arrow - that's me.

My SP9 pal finally got her package number 1 today. I stole this pic from her blog, since I forgot to photograph the loot before mailing it off. One of the mugs I sent her with purple sheep on it, broke en route (dang canada post!), so I will have to replace it!

Yey - so happy she got it. And that breast cancer card in the corner, (pink and white card) that was mailed seperately, with a needle guage in it (needle guage is sitting in the mug in the back) which I guess came in the mail today with the big package, so voila - photographed all together!
I got this email today from Pregnancy Weekly:

Week 32: Baby's First Mall Portrait?

Ultrasound is a tried-and-true prenatal tool (and a window into the wonderful world of your womb), but lately this procedure has taken a giant leap from the confines of a doctor's office to a storefront at the mall. Is it safe to take a peek inside your tummy on the way to Sears? While the FDA has yet to establish rules on these prenatal photography studios, they do warn against having ultrasounds for fun (as opposed to for medical reasons), since such three-dimensional imaging machines use much higher power than the typical ultrasound machines at your doctor's office. And many medical professionals fear that nervous moms-to-be will come away wrongly convinced there's something wrong with their babies, or, worse, that the untrained wand wavers will miss real problems that would be detected by a pro. If you do choose elective sonography, do so wisely (and after you check with your practitioner for the go-ahead). While there's nothing more precious than seeing your baby in three dimensions (except, of course, seeing your baby for real once it's born), limit your visits to one or two, each no more than 15 minutes in length. And bring your wallet! Some studios charge up to $300 for a photo, CD-ROM, and a video of the fetus.

Uhm... I only get this now? A week after my first 3d and the day before the second attempt?? Makes me wonder, but I don't think it's going to harm anything.....

If you're interested, here is an article on Graphing Patterns with Excel.

In other news, right now I'm dealing with a pissed off family who want to be there while I'm giving birth, and I DONT WANT THAT. I dont even want anyone at the hospital, only to visit once I get home. I want my privacy and space. And they just don't get it. I am not trying to be selfish, it's just the way I am. Sometimes, I can be anti-social. But if everything goes well, you're just in the hospital like 36 hrs (non c-section) and I dont plan on staying long if all goes well... and baby is okay. So - they can't wait a few hours?? Maybe I just wont tell them i'm going into labor, and just call them from home afterwards, haha! That would be bitchy, now wouldn't it? Anyhow, am I wrong for wanting my space and privacy? Of course Jamie will be there throughout everything, but I first off, don't need my family members seeing me nude in the birthing room, and afterwards, when the baby is sleeping, I'll be sleeping. When the baby is awake, most likely he'll be feeding, and I want to use that little time I'm in the hospital, to utilize the nurses for learning how to breast feed properly. Also - if I have to have a c-section for whatever reason, I don't want others to see my child before I even do. Do I have the right to be that selfish? Is that selfish? Who knows, maybe it's my hormones talking right now, they've been really bitchy lately. They have made me into a monster, and I'm trying not to be! It's worse than when was PMS-y bitchy! And I'm trying to keep my cool. Maybe it'll pass soon. I hope.

Tonight I went knitting with Montreal Knits. I cast on for Fetching. I decided to add more rows of cabling though, instead of 4x1 ribbing all the way up the arm, so to give it my own unique effect. Here is my progress from tonight, casting on, and knitting:

I am loving Noro. My first time working with it! I have some discontinued Noro Kabuto, which I swatched once, but never made anything with it - (totally forgot I had it), so this is my first time knitting with Noro! I'm addicted. I want more!!

Alright, I've got my diabetes test at the hospital tomorrow, and my 3d ultrasound (take two!), so I'm going to hop into bed and hope I can sleep. Feeling a little wired right now.


lil-rose-thorn said...

wow! your SP9 was spoiled and it's onlly the first package! ^_^. I've also met the Yarn Harlot but it was a year ago that she came to Edmonton. Being a knitter, you can threaten your family with knitting needles if they insist on being with you during the birthing ^_^. Take care!

waltzingmytilda said...

I'm with you on the "no family in the birthing room" thing. Maybe you can compromise and tell them that the darling husband will call them when you and the baby are ready to receive visitors and it will be within 1 day of giving birth (it will at least give you a chance to shower and have some time with the baby before everyone descends upon you). Besides, you can always tell them that you're bored in the hospital and could they pick you a nice skein of yarn by so-and-so in such-and-such colour to help you pass the time.

Maggie said...

i don't think it's at all selfish for you to want it to be quiet and private when you have your baby... that is the natural way afterall! (animal mummies get very grumpy/anxious if not let alone!) It's a key bonding time for you and your baby, after all...

i dunno how bitchy it is, but i would probably go the "call them when it's all over" route ;) but i can be mean like that :P

lainehmann said...

I am so bummed... I STILL haven't received anything from my SP8 (well, no reveal package).
Good thing I have friends like you who spoil me throughout the year!

I got some of my beads today for the swap!