Monday, November 20, 2006

Knitting & TV

I couldn't sleep last night. I was up watching Season 3 (finishing it) of Las Vegas, which I apparently saw 20 of the 23 episodes. I don't get it - but whatever! I don't recall seeing half the season, but apparently I had. (Pregnancy brain towards the end?) I don't know? I am now up to date, and there is no episode on this week, but there is a 2 hour special next week! Woot! Next - on my TV junkie list - Sopranos. I was able to watch 6 seasons of Six Feet Under in 2 weeks - I think I can do Sopranos in about that. (Only 5 seasons, since I just recently watched season 6 part 1 on TV). I've already seen seasons 1 & 5, but I'll rewatch to catch up and refresh my memory.

So, I finally was able to fall asleep by 4 am last night, or rather, this morning. So, today, I slept in until about 2pm. I did manage to get some laundry done. I think something is wrong with my washer and/or dryer. First off, my washer, leaves things still drenched, but the water does drain from the washing machine (I once had a problem where the water wasn't draining, and remaining dirty in the washing machine, but that was due to poor pipes in my old apartment). And because the clothes are still drenched of water when the load is done, it's taking forever to dry in the dryer. I often have to run the 80 minute cycle TWICE before a full load is try. That is insane. I am wondering if it's worth it to call the repair guy to look at it, or if I should talk to my hubby about new machines? Ugh.. I dono... Even with smalll loads (like 3-4 towels), they'll be drenched still when the load is done, and then take forever to dry.... I definitely need to call and see what the repair company says. I guess if it's just a 100$ fix, it may be better than a 1000$ new set or however much they cost these days. I don't even know how old the machines are, but I know they were bought when Jamie was with his ex.. so.... they're somewhere circa 1998-2001 would say, but probably closer to 98-99 because they bought them when they moved in together.... closer to the beginning of their relationship, or something. I wonder if approx. timing is okay to know how old these machines are... incase the repair guy asks. I don't even know if information like that is important?

Anyhow, tonight, I made it to pre-natal aqua. I only have a week left on my membership, and then I will probably just buy daily passes just for the prenatal classes on Mondays, and not go to the Thurs night aqua class. My membership runs out next Tuesday, so I have this week and next Monday to enjoy my aqua classes without paying.

After aqua I went out for dinner with two friends (Cindy & Mindy) and that was really nice. It's always good to catch up with them. We're going to try to do dinner again in December just before the holidays, and before I give birth. Because after giving birth, I think it will be a while before I see friends again!

I worked on Jamie's birthday scarf today, and I'm at about 22 inches. I think it needs to be at least 60 inches to be able to wrap around at least once. (Or something like that). So, I will keep knitting. I have not run out of ball number 1 yet, so I'm hoping to make it to more than 30 inches on one ball. I think I can definitely get more than 30 inches out of that one ball, so hopefully I'll get a little longer than 60 inches for the entire scarf. I definitely need Jamie to be able to wrap it around once or twice around his neck!

Still not sure what to do for my mother-in-law's evening purse project, but it won't be felted, and it's in this ribbon type yarn (never worked with it before, and I have two different options, both in black). I am thinking that I may end up inventing my own pattern - but we'll see.

Wow - this turned out to be a long post, and I was trying to figure out what the heck I'd write today, since I didn't do much... but sleep, watch TV and knit! HAHA! What a life, eh??? And I still have things to do before Sean's born, and I want to get them accomplished, I just feel tired and lazy lately.... big time! Maybe I'll get a lot done during my "nesting" time... whenever that comes.

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