Friday, May 30, 2008

may thirty :: 74 weeks

Mr. Sean is 74 weeks old today.

He likes to dump out his mega blocks bucket and then sit in it. He's funny. He makes me laugh.

Today I got some mystery mail. I'm certainly not complaining, but I'm not sure who sent it. I received some Dream in Color Smooshy in Giant Peach, a color that I love (and carry in the shop!) and some Cherry Tree Hill, Louet Gems Merino in Dusk. Thank you to whomever sent this lovely yarn my way!

I also received Rebecca Eckler's first book, Knocked Up, which I was dying to read. I had read her 2nd and 3rd books, but couldn't get my hands on the 1st. Rebecca was so nice to send me a copy, autographed as well!

The special part of it, is that Rowan, who is about 4 years old now (I think?) autographed it as well! How awesome is that? Thank you Rebecca for going out of your way to do this for me. I can't wait to start reading it already!

It was decided thatthe little Mr. Sean needed a hair cut today. My mom has been bugging me for a few weeks to get him a haircut (it was growing over his ears again and his curls were getting out of control! As much as I LOVE his curls). We have Jakob's 1st birthday party on Sunday, and my mother said it would be nice if he got his haircut before then. So.... we made a trip today to get his hair cut.

He was REALLY well behaved during the entire haircut. I was very impressed. He even let her use the clipper for above his ears and for his neck. (Not that he really needed it?) but he didn't freak out like the last time. Very impressed!

And we spiked up his hair with some gel for fun. TOTALLY cute! I love it. He is so handsome.

In some gardening news, I cannot figure out for the life of me, what the heck happened ot my sunflower? One is doing beautifully. Actually, as of yesterday, BOTH were doing beautifully. And today... one has shrivelled up...? I just don't get it. I'll give it a few more days to see if it comes back to life, but I just don't get what happened.

My zucchini plant is doing really well. The stem is doing very well and seems to be getting thicker by the day. I will check to see if I can buy already started cucumber plants this weekend to plant in the garden. Very disappointed about the cucumbers, since they are my fave vegetable.

The three types of lettuce in the garden are also by the day getting thicker & thicker with more leaves. I just love it. I can't wait to see how they turn out! (And taste!)

One of my stringless beans is really tall, while the others are starting to slowly push out of the ground. It's all very exciting to me, as this is my first vegetable garden ever! I used to have a vegetable garden when I was really young, but it really belonged to my dad and I don't remember anything at all about it.

And my radishes are starting to grow a lot too. I have no idea how to tell that they are ready either. All I know is that they are fully matured at 24-28 days, and they were planted on Saturday, May 17th, 2008. 24-28 days from the 17th is June 10th -14th, so I won't worry about that until around then.

Here is a 74 weeks shot after the haircut he had tonight. I think for fun, on Sunday for Jakob's 1st birthday party, I'm going to use some of Jamie's hair gel and spike up Sean's hair! It'll look so handsome!

Some pretty tiles I saw today, had to photograph them. I just loved the colors together.

Tonight Jamie & I watched Last Comic Standing from last night, as well as the 2 hour season finale of Lost. Sean fell asleep somewhere in between Last Comic Standing and Lost. He hadn't napped at all today. It's been a while now that he hasn't taken an afternoon nap, and frankly I'm not too happy about it. By the way it looks, he may not ever nap an afternoon again.... is this even possible? At 17 months old to eliminate the afternoon nap?? Please tell me it's a phase he's going through? He's refusing to nap. I am not even sure how he has energy all day long to keep going?

I got a ton of knitting done on the baby sweater. It should be finished by tomorrow. (That's the plan). I've cast off the last sleeve and I just need to seam up the sleeve/shoulder with picking up stitches and doing a three needle bind-off. Very excited to put this project away for when it fits Mack. I need to move on to another project already! So much knitting I want to get done before Mack is actually born!

Sometimes I wish I crocheted.(Is that even a way to conjugate the word?) Well, I don't. But aren't these teether/pacifier holders the cutest?? Maybe one day I'll learn to crochet and make some of these for other babies! (I know how to single crochet, but other than that, not really too sure what is going on, etc...!)


Bea said...

That book was a really nice gift with the signatures! The new yarns are pretty, did you ever figure out who sent them?

Karen said...

just a thought on the pacifier/teether holders - How about I-Cord and then a knitting/felted item on the end?

Casey said...

Such a cute haircut! My daughter (soon to be 18 months) quit taking naps for a few days last week, that was not fun, but she's napping again (even twice a day right now). But, I have heard of kids quitting that young, I hope it's just a phase though those nap times are gold aren't they? I miss that quiet time (my oldest quit a year ago)

and lucky girl on getting the autographed copy of Knocked Up! I still need to get that book, I've been wanting to read it since reading Wiped!

Bertha said...

I love the haircut! It looks so cute spiked like that!

ahufford said...

I love that faux-hawk!

Heddy said...

Re; the sunflower and cukes ... it may be frost that is "getting them". Are they outside already? There is still a reisk of frost until the last full moon in June, and anything that is not hardy (tomatos, cukes, annual flowers, etc.) should either be covered at night or moved inside until after that. If it isn't frost/cld getting them, it could be stem rot ... is the stem puckered near the ground? sometimes that happens from overwatering or other reasons.

Good luck with them. You can replant the sunflowers ... they won't bloom until August/Sept. and most places carry cuke transplants. Also, re; the radishes - a neat tip to have them ready and fresh all summer long is to plant seed in two week intervals ... then as the first batch is ready to eat, the second batch is growing and ready to eat by the time the first batch is past its prime.

Lindsey said...

have you seen these tethers?

they are knitted!

Mathgirl said...

I love those tiles! And the hair spikes are adorable.
The way my mother tells it, by the time I was in day car which must've been before Sean's age, I never napped in the afternoon, ever. I do have some vague memories of quietly amusing myself while all of the other kids napped. I find it even more amusing as when I got in university I started napping in the afternoon for the first time :)

Amelah said...

GORGEOUS pic of Sean & mom!! I love his new hair cut & the spiky hair!! This kid is too precious!!

LD said...

I love the haircut!
I can't believe that Rowan signed the book. That's adorable. Im so glad you finally got the book :)

Tara said...

I love Sean's hair spiked up. I can't wait for Maxime to, you know, have hair! :)

g-girl said...

ohhh, look @ that lil faux hawk. too freakin' cute! the garden seems to be doing pretty well. did your sunflower survive? :(