Monday, May 05, 2008

may five :: 31 weeks pregnant

This morning Sean got up just before 8 am. I'm happy with this. Especially since I slept so uncomfortably last night. 31 weeks pregnant, I guess I shouldn't expect comfortable sleeps anymore. We slept in a bit longer this morning until my parents called to wake us up, as I took my sister to an appointment in the city so that she wouldn't have to find parking. The sleep in was good, much needed. After my sister's appointment I had an errand to run downtown and then we headed back home to pick up something.

Today my sister and I discovered this beautiful rocking horse. Someone wanted it to go to a good home, and Sean and Mackenzie will just love it.

The only damage to it was some marks on the seat. Looks like someone took a screw driver to it and started banging away. I will make the horse a cushion (or a saddle!) and it'll be covered. It will make a great addition to our play room.

We had some time to kill today before running a few more errands and one more appointment for my sister, and so we stopped off at my parents house for a bit to play outside. My parents had received this tractor from a friend of theirs for Sean, which will be coming to my house for the backyard. Sean absolutely loved it! I just hope that it doesn't take up too much space! It's a massive tractor!

Outside my garden today, I checked out a few things that were growing. First there was this plant. This plant above had a water drop in each center of the leaves. I'm not really sure what type of plant this is, or if anything will flower, but I can't wait to see. I thought the water drop on it was just beautiful, and had to photograph it. It looks like a pearl in the middle of the leaf.

I also have this beautiful tree right next to my garage with all these beautiful white flowers on it! I had no idea that I had this beautiful tree upon moving to this house.

And these...! I don't think they are tulips. If they were tulips, wouldn't they have blossomed already? All my neighbors have had their tulips 100% blossomed already for numerous days already. Hmmm, I wonder what they are.

This evening Jamie & I watched some TV and tried to tire Sean out, he was a little wound up tonight. I did however, get a LOT of knitting done tonight. I'm making great progress on Judy's Grandmother's Baby Sweater, and I'm just loving the pattern and the way it knits up and everything about it. I hope to have it finished maybe this weekend?? The reason I say this is because I have so many other things to knit, and on needles!

I really do have to say that Mackenzie is the most active pregnancy I've had so far. He's quite the wild one in my belly. He's having a party in my belly and he's having a good time. I do have to say that some of his partying, is disturbing my insides. I'm not sure what he's kicking or punching half the time, but it's very uncomfortable at times. Like right now, as I type, he's rolling around, rumbling in my stomach.

This evening I got in this crazy mood to clean my office and my 2nd office desk. It's still a bit of a pig sty considering that we dumped out a lot of stuff out of the laundry room/powder room that is attached to my office into my office to do the machine swap this past weekend. We're not sure if the washing machine & dryer (our new ones) can stay stacked in the laundry room but we'll know in the next couple of days if an extension for 220 can be made so that I can keep my machines stacked so that I can put a bookshelf/storage unit next to them for more storage space. If an extension cord can't be made (because according to the home hardware store they don't exist), then I will have to un-stack my washing machine and dryer and I will not be able to get a storage/shelving unit in there, and Jamie said he'd build me a shelf on top - worse comes to worse.

I'm wondering if this crazy mood to clean is nesting. Is 31 weeks too soon? {Maybe I'm really 34 weeks (like my doctor thinks may be)}. Last week I went through a phase where I made dinner every night, (where as I haven't made dinner for an entire week straight in months!) I got into a cooking mood. (We didn't order in food once last week!) And this week, it's cleaning. Though, there is a limit to what I can actually clean, due to flexibility of being very pregnant. Next week, at 32 weeks - that's 8 months! I really do not understand where time goes? It goes by so fast.

May 5th - Happy Birthday Rhoda!


Heddy said...

good find re: the rocking horse!

It looks like that plant is a ladies mantle, and the "dewy" waterdroplet thing is one of the things they are known for. It will bloom, small yellow flowers, but they are insignificant, and should be pruned off or you will have a yard overrun with ladies mantle! the plants form lovely round humps/mound and over time will be a very large (3 foot) mound. I love them.

jane said...

The plant with the water droplet is Lady's Mantle and it does flower. It's one of my favourite old school perennials. Here's some information about it:

The tree looks like a flowering crabapple and yes those are tulips. They may just be a late variety.

I worked at a greenhouse all through University.

Jen said...

The plant with the water drop looks like Lady's Mantle. It's an herb mostly grown for its pretty foliage, although it will get yellowish-green flowers on it (but they're not showy). If you go out in the morning when there's still dew on the plants, it will often collect on the jagged edges of the leaves as little drops and can look almost like a necklace - very pretty.

Maaike said...

The tree with the white flowers might be a magnolia, they are in bloom right now, but I can't quite tell from the photo if it is or not.

Those most definitely are tulips. The tulips your neighbours have are probably early blooming ones. I have one set of tulips that are out, but most are at the same phase as yours are, they'll bloom in a few days.

Amanda said...

Those are tulips - just looks like you have some late bloomers! Your yard is looking very pretty!

Kimber said...

I've been "nesting" too... I've washed all the newborn things and I've packed my bag already. I think this pregnancy won't go past June myself. Not much longer and maybe you are 34 weeks along afterall...

Tara said...

Amanda's right, those are tulips, just a late blooming variety. And Holy-Tractor Batman!!!

Laural Dawn said...

This made me laugh. Am I the only person who never nested while pregnant? With either child?
I've never felt the urge to clean. I mean, I prefer a clean house, but I've never wanted to clean.
Love the flower pics!

O. said...

Hi! Oh, the rocking horse is so cool! I bet you're gonna make it look even better with the cushion, etc - I'm sure kids will love it!
I'm surprised you have energy for cooking and cleaning, helps that you're keeping busy throughout the pregnancy - can't wait to see the little one soon! :)

RobynR said...

I agree with Amanda. Definitely tulips but maybe a different colour than the reds and yellows your neighbours probably have. They may even have slightly non-traditional shape. Think ruffled or frilly edges.

I so envy you your yard. Spring is basically non-existent here and I miss it badly. Thanks for sharing!

Bea said...

The tractor is crazy. I love the little horse. And your flowers are beautiful. Hopefully you will show us if the water droplet plant does something more?

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I loved discovering the plants in my yard during the first spring in our home. Yours are so pretty!