Sunday, May 04, 2008

may four

Sean and I slept in a little bit this morning while Jamie went to my parents house to pick up their old fridge, which we now have in our basement. It'll be great for having, we don't really need the freezer part of it, as we have a bed freezer in the garage (to store my extra homemade meat sauce, and the frozen stuff we buy in bulk from Costco). The fridge will be great for all the cans of diet coke (for me!), ice tea (for Jamie!), and apple juices (for Sean!), as well as the water bottles we keep at home. There just isn't enough room in our kitchen fridge to keep all this, so the new fridge will be great. We just need to have an electrical outlet installed where we are putting the fridge (in a side room off the basement).

Upon getting up, Sean & I made Cinnamon buns (with icing!) for breakfast.

So, besides taking off the door frame to the powder room/laundry room, which is off my office and made a huge mess, in order to get the "old" washer & dryer out of the laundry room, today we had to take apart part of the door from the garage to the house, so that the fridge could fit through. All this appliance moving/swapping/addition has caused damage to the house and a huge mess. I can't wait for everything to be cleaned up and back to normal. I decided to stack the new washer & dryer in my laundry room, so that I could get a book shelf in next to the washer & dryer. I plan on going out tomorrow to see what I could find that will fit in the space, while picking up a dryer extension cord for the stacked washer & dryer (it needs more length to reach the special plug outlet in the wall. Fun! I just can't wait til everything is in it's place and in use again. And when my laundry room is put back together. Right now I've got things from in there in my office. I hate it when things are out of order.

This afternoon Jamie left to go help the guy who bought our washer & dryer (his co-worker) move the washer & dryer into his new house, as well as move some stuff from his condo to the new house. I spent the afternoon hanging out with Sean. Sean decided he wanted to make phone calls today, so I spent the afternoon leaving messages on family members machines with Sean, and talking to those whom were actually home. Funny kid.

My sister stopped by on her way home from some shopping to hang out with Sean for a little bit so that I could pop into a real shower. (If I'm alone, I take a "mommy" quick shower - you all know those!) Sean doesn't let me shower when we're alone, he doesn't like being confined to the playpen (I don't blame him one bit). So, his Auntie came to hang out with him. She had a friend with her, who wanted to learn to knit, so Amy showed her while they hung out with Sean. I love converting people to become a knitter! Everyone should know how to knit! Hubby will probably kill me, but I plan on teaching my boys how to knit! (Nothing wrong with that, right?)

Sean played around with my sister's sun glasses this afternoon. He's so funny the way he smiles for pictures when wearing any sunglasses. Look at that grin!

I just love Sean's shirt. It reads: "I enjoy ice cream, insightful cartoons & long walks in the playground." Perfect to go along with over sized sun glasses! I love this shirt so much that he's already out grown his 6-12 month size shirt, he's in his 12-18 month shirt now (above) and I have it in 2 year size and I believe 4 year size (though it may be 3 year size). I bought it in a bunch of sizes, because I think it's too cute. (And it was on liquidation at Baby Gap).

This evening Sean & I went to my parents house for dinner (Jamie was pooped from helping his friend/co-worker move so he stayed home to nap) and we had some take-out and it was nice. Upon getting home, I got a lot of knitting done on the couch while Sean fell asleep. He's in his big boy room right now, I'm hoping that he sleeps through the night. Crossing fingers. However, there is still one more molar for him to cut, so I'm not looking forward to whichever night that decides to fall on.

So, speaking of this knitting, I'm getting far along with Judy's Grandmother's Baby Sweater. I'm positive 1 skein is not going to be enough, but I've got more, I'm not worried. I am just loving this project, I can't wait for it to be finished. (Plus I have so much to knit before Mackenzie is born, and probably only about 7 weeks left until he shows up, approximately). I'll post a progress photo tomorrow, I'm done shaping the neck, and I'm moving onto the next part! It's moving along. The progress is very satisfying.

I counted how many cucumber plants I have..... 21. Whoops. Double Whoops. Maaike in my comments suggested that I only plant 2, or 3 if I'm courageous. I do plan on growing the cucumber up on a trellis (already purchased) so we'll save space with those. I plan on doing the cucumber and the zucchini on a trellis. So, I have about 19 cucumbers plants. Anyone want one? I really have no idea what to do with all of them (learned my lesson!) and do not want to throw them out, what a shame that would be. Someone please want some cucumber plants! They are looking really healthy, and I'm so excited to plant all the stuff out in the garden. (ps- Maaike, I do have a million vegetable gardening questions for you, so whenever you have some time!)

Don't forget that my June Sock Club kit is up for sale and the extra spots that I added is just about sold out. It's going to be fabulous. You will be getting a skein of hand painted sock yarn, as well as an exclusive pattern for the kit that you will NOT be able to get anywhere else, and as well, matching stitch markers to match the yarn, and other fun goodies as well. Definitely not a kit to miss out on! Also a reminder that the 5$, 10$, 15$ & 20$ sock yarn sale is currently still on, for a limited time only - so take advantage!

I'm dying to read a bit in the book I'm currently reading, so I'm going to go off to bed. Have a good evening everyone. Happy knitting or whatever else you may be up to on this fine Sunday evening! Ahhh, la vie est belle!


Tara said...

I'd be more than happy to take a couple of those cucumber plants off your hands. I was planning on planting a few seeds directly in my vegetable patch in a couple of weeks (have to pick up a trellis for that).

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely cute on him! Oh, I think I might not be able to swap this summer - you can read my blog post about it. But I would love to do it sometime, maybe when I get a real job :)

dawn said...

I plan on teaching my boys to knit too. Plus it'll keep them busy and we can knit together.