Friday, May 16, 2008

may sixteen :: 72 weeks

Sean is 72 weeks old today. Picture is coming tomorrow. Forgot to take one today. Whoops! (Pregnancy brain!) Definitely will take one tomorrow.

Today, my garden was finished. YEY! I can garden tomorrow. I'm so excited to plant everything outside. I'm a little nervous about getting it all started tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes. It's all math (for spacing), and I'm not good at math. Also, the pregnancy has allowed me to get frustrated at directions. I'm just hoping that I don't get frustrated with it tomorrow. I also hope that I do my planting correctly. Anyone have any last minute advice/tips on vegetable gardening? All I know is that I was told it's a good idea to put the lettuce plants in between the tomato plants. I cannot wait to see if I have room to plant everything that I want. I will definitely take pictures tomorrow after planting/gardening.

So... my neighbor has been super annoying. Calling and sending his wife outside (while he's at work) to check up on what is doing in MY backyard. Oh, I can't wait for my fence to be up, so that I can not have to see them again. Above, the yellow cord marks MY side of the property line. The other side of the steel rod would mark the exact property line. And, as you see, the pole, will be placed on MY side of the line (yellow cord), where we drew in the earth, to show my annoying neighbor that it wont be touching his property, not one bit. Now he's just concerned about my property line with the other neighbor, and I don't understand why he's so concerned, seeing as though, it's not on his side, and I don't know what he's getting out of being in my business.

Progress on my iPod cozy as of this afternoon. I actually finished the cozy this evening, pictures will follow tomorrow of the finished project! It was such a fast knit. I totally could have finished it earlier, but the little man only allows so much knitting time each day.

And here is a better shot of the picot edging! I just love it. Project details to follow tomorrow.

This evening we went out for dinner with two of Jamie's ex-coworkers, and it was really nice. Sean was well behaved at the restaurant (as always) and of course the source of entertainment. He's just a cutie, what can I say?? We went into the mall attached afterwards so I could pick up a few items for the garden (reflector things to keep the birds away, etc). I will place them in my garden tomorrow.

I think I'm going to go crawl into bed and read a bit before crashing. Tomorrow we have gardening to do, and also a family BBQ, Jamie's step-brother is in from Toronto and I can't wait to see everyone.


Heddy said...

my only suggestion for your veggie garden is to plant a row of marigold's 9the flowers) near your tomato plants -- the bugs (ie; earwigs mostly) don't like the smell of marigolds and won't eat the tomato plants or fruit. You can plant any variety you like (tiny or tall, orange, yellow or mixed)-- they just hate marigolds.

Also, my father has been been planting gardens for years (he grew up on a farm in the Annapolis Valley of NS -- and he always palnts a few climbing varieties of cherry tomatoes -- just for picking and eating in the garden -- the kids love it and I think it would be a nice memory to make with Sean (standing in his veggie garden eating little tomatoes). You have space against your house to put a rectangular trellis or some netting for the plants to climb.

Re: your fence .... I don't know about the laws in Quebec, but in NS, unless you are sharing the cost of the fence, you must set it in from the property line enough that you can maintain it without trespassing on your neighbors property to do so. They have to look at it too for as long as the fence is there, and you have to live next to them until one of you move -- there is some truth in the saying "Good fences make good neighbors".

Bea said...

The ipod cozy is really cute. I think your neighbor just has nothing better to do then complain. My MIL had a neighbor like that and then she put up an 8 foot privacy wall and now she doesn't have to listen to him at all. He was actually really pissed about it at because he came over and rang the doorbell and started yelling at my MIL so she just closed the door in his face and went about her business. I wonder if they are afraid they won't like seeing a white fence in when they go in the backyard? But I don't see why they thought they could decide for you? They could always put up their own fence to block seeing yours.

Amelah said...

Ur cozy looks good!

Glad u can start gardenning, I know how excited u have been!
Have fun! xox

Jennifer said...

love the ipod cozy!
poo on the neighbor situ - very annoying!

Laural Dawn said...

No idea about the gardening. That's totally my husband's area of expertise! But enjoy :)

carolynswafford said...

Is all that bending and digging good for you? Take it easy and don't overdo it. Wow, I don't know what I'd do with a neighbor like that. Hurry up, fence!

Jenny said...

I am a firm believer that fences makes great neighbors--good luck with blocking those nosy folks out!

Tara said...

Love the cozy! What a great way to use leftover sock yarn (other than for a blankie, of course).