Tuesday, May 27, 2008

may twenty-seven

Last night I finished reading Wiped! Life with a Pint-Sized Dictator by Rebecca Eckler. Loved it. I'm reading her books backwards (Started with Toddler's Gone Wild, then Wiped! and there is still her first book Knocked Up that I'd like to read). (Eckler is supposed to be mailing me a copy of that book since it's been impossible to get - though I see now it's available 1-3 week shipping on Chapters.ca, which it wasn't before).

Today I got some great mail. I received the Monkey Tote Sock Project bag that I ordered from Bea's Etsy Shop. LOVE IT! Thank you Bea!

And I'd also won a prize from Bea, just for wanting her hand-knit! I loved the button on it so much, I had to ask her to include me in for the drawing for it!

And doesn't it just look fabulous? It's super soft too. I love it. Feels great on. Love the color. Thanks Bea! You Rock!

This morning Sean had his class at the Y. We made chocolate balls for Father's Day. Yes, you read the correctly. Father's Day. Next week is the last class and we're doing something for a Jewish Holiday that is next week, and so we did father's day this week. Sean made 5 balls, and 2 made it home for his daddy. (Jamie enjoyed them). We also traced Sean's foot for a letter to his father for father's day, I'll frame it and put it up on the way next to his hand prints from mother's day. I'll photograph that once framed to show you.

After class the handyman was actually on time at my house. He did a few things that he was supposed to, and then the rest he has to come back on Thursday as he didn't have a few tools that he needed to do the work (new job I asked him to do - putting the door frame back on the door in my office so that the door can finally be put back on from when we took it off to get the olde washer & dryer out and the new washer & dryer in).

The guy for the central air, showed up over 2 hours late, and I was mad about that! But, he came and he checked out the unit and it turns out that there was a leak and it was leaking freon. Freon is the "gas" in your air conditioner that makes the air cold. Otherwise, it will just circulate warm air. Thank goodness it was an easy fix and nothing more than that! And now, the house is nice and cool. I am a super happy very pregnant person now!

This evening Jamie & I sat on the ouch and watched episode after episode of Everybody Loves Raymond that our Tivo recorded for us, as there was absolutely nothing on TV and we didn't feel like watching a movie. I worked (AND FINISHED) on sleeve number 1 on the baby sweater. I'm going to finish up sleeve number 2, and then all I have to do on it is weave in the ends. There is no seaming on it. I love this pattern, it's great. I can't wait for it to be done! I am so close to being finished the sweater, I can taste the end!


Big Girl Feet said...

Love the tote! Sock monkeys hooray! and cute headband- looks great on you!!

Tara said...

I love that bag! It's the perfect accessory for a busy Mommy-who-Knits on the go. :)

Bea said...

So so happy you like it all. I think the calorimetry looks awesome on you! What a great way to get hair out of your face without putting it in a pony tail.