Saturday, May 10, 2008

may ten

Jamie and I (with Sean of course) went out today to run a ton of errands. While out, I picked up some strawberry bushes for the backyard, and also a Boston lettuce plant, which I forgot to start seeds for. I'll be gardening next Saturday, and I'm very excited about that. We picked up fertilizer which my gardener will be mixing in with top soil for me when he rips out the weeds in my backyard and helps me start my garden. 8 months pregnant, there is only so much I can do on my own this year!

On our way home from errands, my neighbor was having a garage sale, and I spotted a very colorful dresser. I instantly thought of Sean's big boy room, and we needed a dresser. Sean was supposed to be getting a dresser from his Nana & Grandpa for his birthday (we were shortly going to go shopping for one) and well, now they're going to be getting him something else for his first birth, since we got him a dresser today!

Handpainted by my neighbor (who is moving, and her kids are a little too old for a dresser like this), for only 20$. That also included delivery! (They live half a block away). What great service. It's wood, and not that cheap Ikea stuff that sells these days. The dresser was built in the 60's. (It's dated April 10th, 1968 on the inside of the dresser).

And it matches his storage unit perfectly!

I finally got around to photographing the paintings that Sean made his grandmothers for mother's day. Above is his painting for Jamie's mom.

This is his painting for Jamie's step-mom.

And this is the painting that Sean made for my mother. I think he did a fantastic job on the paintings, and I'm so very excited to give it to them tomorrow for mother's day.

This afternoon I went to speak to the neighbor who's backyard faces our backyard about cutting down bushes and putting up a fence. He seems like a really nice guy, but as my gardener said, he's "special". He said he'd speak to his wife, but doesn't see it being a problem about removing the bushes, putting up a fence (on our property, not on the line to share) and to trim part of his apple tree since it hangs over on our property and I don't want his damn rotten apples all over my property (not so fun to clean up). He said he'd call us back tonight (which he did - but we were out and so we'll hear from him tomorrow).

This evening Jamie & I dropped Sean off at my parents house, and we headed out first to grab a bite to eat. We hadn't been on a date in forever. Dinner was good, and then we went to see the movie Iron Man. IT WAS EXCELLENT. All I have to say is HOLY MOLY ROBERT DOWNEY JR.! He's a hottie as Tony Stark/Iron Man. If you plan on seeing this movie, after the credits, there is an additional scene, but you must sit through ALL the credits to see it. (I don't recommend this if you're 8 months pregnant and have to go to the bathroom BAD!) LOL... Great movie though, I really liked it!


K. said...

What!?! I missed an extra scene of Robert Downey JR adorable-ness? Guess I have to go see Iron Man again....muahahahahahahaha!

Tara said...

That dresser is awesome! Another score for the bargain queen!!!

g-girl said...

how'd everyone like their mother's day gifts from sean??