Thursday, May 08, 2008

may eight

Today we slept in. Jamie let the cleaning lady in this morning, as he usually does when she comes on Thursday mornings.

Today we painted. I had commissioned Sean to 3 paintings for Mother's Day. One for my mother, one for Jamie's step-mother & one for Jamie's mom. I had the kid busy this morning (making a HUGE mess). (Thank goodness it was just finger paints, completely washable).

He had a lot of fun. So much that he didn't want me to take away the paints. But, he needed a bath upon getting the paint ALL OVER him, so I cleaned up as best as I could, and he took a bath.

I got all the paint out of wherever he touched, EXCEPT for one of the layers of his highchair. I don't understand why it's not coming off? I'm going to try scrubbing again tomorrow, hoping that it will come off.

Tomorrow I will show you the results of his 3 paintings. I framed them this evening. They look great. I'm almost sad to give them away! He did a fabulous job. I think we have an artiste on our house. Really!

Today, my laptop caught a virus. I'm using my office computer right now, and I'm not too happy about that. I use my laptop for everything. My office computer is so darn slow and needs to be defragmented or something like that. I've got to take my laptop in tomorrow to get fixed. It's a good thing that I have a hook-up. I'll drop it off at my dad's store on my way to Blogless Kate's house, and pick it up on my way home. I hope the laptop is going to be okay. I really hope that I do not have to reformat the harddrive. That would not really be so good. I have no idea how the computer "got sick". All I know is that window after window telling me that my computer has been infected, that someone was trying to infect my computer, kept popping up. Spybot this and out-0f-date antivirus this. Ugh!!! I think this is the 2nd time this year that I've had issues with spyware, viruses, etc. Sometimes, to be honest, I just hate computers.

My office is looking better by the day. I've truly been nesting, and cleaning up. It's just one of those things! Though, a clean office is NOT a bad thing, so I'm actually happy about it! No complaints here. I can't wait until it's 100% organized though. I'll feel sooo much better when that happens.

I have a list of things "TO DO". Some are little things, some are larger. Though, I want to accomplish them before Mackenzie is born. And some of them are knitting goals as well, some items that I need to finish knitting asap. I'd really like Sean's blankie to be done before Mackenzie is born. I need to calculate out how many more squares I need, and figure out at about 2 hours per square (that it takes me to knit) how many hours of knitting I have left, and figure out a schedule to finish it. I'd also like to finish Sean's 18 month size Cabled Pullover before he outgrows 18 month size. That would be nice. I have a ton of stuff on needles right now, that well, frankly, shouldn't be. And I also one day, plan on starting a blankie project for Mackenzie.

A friend of mine, whom I hadn't seen in forever came over tonight. It was great to see her. At first I was a little nervous that she wasn't going to show (she's ditched me before and has been 2 hours late to plans before), but half an hour after she said she's come over, she actually showed up. I was shocked. I honestly cannot tell you the last time I saw her, but I can tell you it was when Sean was VERY little! She almost couldn't believe that Sean was a big boy now, who rambles all the time and talks words too! (She's not married, no kids, career type girl). We've been friends now for almost 10 years (next January will be 10 years). We took 2 classes together back in January of 1999 when we were both at the same college for 1 semester together. She ended up starting there in January of 1999 and I switched for the fall session of 1999 to another college. I probably won't end up seeing her for another upteen months, but I'm glad that we caught up, and even if I don't see her until Mackenzie is over 1 year old - I know we're still friends. We both lead 2 completely different lives, and even though I'm a busy mother, she's got one crazy busy career. We're both at two different places in our lives right now. I'm just glad she finally came over to see my new house, see Sean, and catch up.

I am hoping for a relaxing weekend. Sunday is my 2nd mother's day, and I'm looking forward to spending it with family. I have no idea what Jamie & Sean have planned, but I'm sure in any way that they have planned, will be special. We're having brunch with Jamie's dad & step-mom as well as dinner with my family. I can't wait to give Sean's grandmothers their paintings! I can't wait to see what they think of them. (Finished framed images will be blogged tomorrow). Once again, I'm so proud of them!

Oh! My gardener finally came by my house today. He took at look at what needed to be done for removal of trees/bushes, and told me because the bushes are borderline mine/the neighbor behind, just to tell them that we're removing them. They probably won't care, seeing as though they'll gain backyard space. My gradener was telling me that they are an older couple whos youngest child is probably around my age, none of which are living at home. He also mentioned that the neighbor is "special". Anyhow, he told me not to worry, that I shouldn't have any issues. I plan on walking over there on Saturday afternoon to speak to them. My gardener will also trim their crab apple tree (I need to talk to them about this) because otherwise it'll hang over my fence (which I don't want). He will also clean up my backyard, and START my vegetable garden area for me for HALF the price of what the other gardener wanted for just the bushes/tree removal. But, I wanted a 2nd quote, just to see what price range they both fell into. I couldn't believe it when he told me that it would be half of what the other guy quoted. (I didn't tell him that though!) He said he'd fit our backyard into his schedule next week, and then I can arrange for the following week to have our fence installed. YEY! Finally, Sean will be able to roam around the backyard and be free! (Without my worrying about him running off - he's quick!)

Alright, I've got a SUPER busy day tomorrow, so I'll be off for now. Night.


Kristine said...

Saw the little EZ sweater on the knitty bloggy baby bumpers or whatever it is blog :) Adorable!

For what it's worth, I got a LOT of extra wear out of my daughter's sweaters by not buttoning them up. She wore things that I thought were strictly newborn until she was into 3-6 month sized clothes just by not worrying about the buttons.

kristo said...

Hmmm, I don't seem to see any paint near Sean's mouth or on his lips.... How on earth do you keep him from eating the paint!?

Tara said...

Sounds like the gardes is shaping up nicely! I can't wait to see what you finally end up with!

Jennifer Lori said...

I think I know who that friend is...blonde hair?