Monday, May 12, 2008

may twelve :: 32 weeks pregnant

I had my 6 month dentist check-up today. Yes, I care about my teeth and go every 6 months. Sean loved all the toys in the waiting room. Toys that I used to play with as a kid. Some things never change.

No cavities for me (never have had any, and never plan to have any!) and Sean doesn't have to go to see him until he's 3 years old. I'm not sure who told me that I should be flossing his teeth, but I don't need to until there are no gaps in between his teeth - which there are. But Sean does brush his teeth twice a day at the same time that I brush mine. He just loves to brush his teeth - which is the start to a good habit!

After the dentist I went to a store nearby to exchange an Elmo DVD for Sean, since it came scratched with a perfect circle ring around the DVD. They exchange it no problem (I wasn't worried) and then we headed to my parents house for lunch.

Sean is too funny sometimes in photos. He's just too cute for words here. We spent some time this afternoon hanging out with my mom & sister, and then headed home to try to get the little bugger to nap. (Which is hard these days. He fights naps. I don't find it funny).

The tulips in my garden are just awesome. They are seriously in every color that exists!

The front of my house is looking wonderful. I have never seen purple tulips before. Red & Yellow
ones I've seen, but never purple. I think purple is starting to get high up there on my fave list! This is funny because I used to HATE the color before I had Sean. Tastes change when you get pregnant... I swear! Well, that's what I'm blaming it on anyhow!

I had won a gift certificate from The Loopy Ewe for winning the Overboard Contest from the Fave Color Swap 3 that I participated in. My pal received their package, and I still have not received anything yet. With my gift certificate, I purchased these two skeins, and they arrived in the mail today. I picked out Great Adirondack Silky Sock in Navajo, as well as Araucania Yarns Ranco Semi-Solid in Teal.

My belly bump. I think I'm huge. People think I'm small. I was very small with Sean though too, even though the doctor said I was going to have a big baby (which turned out to be a little 5 lb 5 oz guy). I feel like I (my body) can't stretch out anymore, and don't want it to. Is it time yet??

32 weeks pregnant.

What I am SHOCKED about, is the fact that I do not have stretch marks this time, like I did when pregnant with Sean. Which I am happy about! Don't get me wrong, there are some faint stretch marks, but boy was I full of purple lines during my first pregnancy, and very embarrassed of my belly.

Have you seen this craft for re-usable sandwich bags? I kinda wish that I didn't work at home or something so that I had purpose for some of these? Let me know if you make any!

There are TWO spots left in the June Sock Club! I had opened it up to extra spots and just 2 left! Better go get one now, or it'll be too late! It was originally sold out before it even got listed, and I'm so excited for it to be released in about a month from now! (The May kits will be mailing this week, with the usual 15th-20th of the month mailing, so if you ordered one, it'll be on it's way shortly!)

Once again, no knitting on my end. I know, I've been pathetic in the knitting department lately. I'm blaming my 8 month pregnant self. Mackenzie (and Sean!) are sucking out all my energy. I honestly just feel tired 150% of the time. And it's a different kind of tired than it will be after Mack is born, I'm sure.


Jennifer Lori said...

Sean looks ADORABLE in that photo! and I love the colors of the Navajo yarn, it reminds me of the Shaeffer "Anne" yarn I bought on my honeymoon.

Lindsey said...

i looks like you have dropped and the baby is more engaged in your pelvis. breathing any better these days?

Jenny said...

The baby belly looks great! I can't believe you are already at 32 weeks--it is amazing how fast it goes. Hooray for no stretch marks! I was lucky not to get any last time, so it is great news that so far, so good for you!

Drea said...

u look way past 32 weeks. maybe you'll go early :-)

i have a dentist apt. thur. i havent been since i had taite.. and I know i need a filling :-(

I am goign to try and go every 6 mo again.. cause i use 2.. ive just been so busy!

Jennifer said...

love love love the baby belly!!!! can't wait til mine is bigger...for now it's popping out, but i still feel like i could be mistaken for being fat to the untrained eye ;)

g-girl said...

sean looks so grown up in that first picture. love the navajo too! how does it feel? I know how the araucania feels but not the silky sock. i try to go every 6 mos. to the dentist too. I go more regularly to the dentist than I do the doctor! :o