Wednesday, May 14, 2008

may fourteen

This morning my mom took Sean to his music class, as the gardener was supposed to show up sometime in the morning. I got a lot accomplished at home while he was out with my mom. It's amazing how time flies when you have a lot of stuff to do with no one to distract you.

Today was a fabulous mail day. I received my prize from Stitch Therapy. I had entered a contest she had a while back where you had to answer about 15 questions, and I got the most right, so I won! It was fun playing. She also sent me some chocolates (long gone before this picture was taken) and some really cute handmade stitch markers. I forgot to photograph the stitch markers with the yarn, my apologies. I've never seen Posh Yarn before, and now I'm intrigued by it. It's Lucia 4 ply sock, 70% merino / 30% cashmere yarn in Raspberry color. It's super soft & CASHMERE!!! Thank you again Hattie!

I also received a package from Lainie. We used to swap more often, but haven't in a while - things got busy for the both of us. Lainie sent me some very lovely things - thank you girl! Sean loves his new bib, and I love everything else! (The jelly beans didn't make it very long after the photo).

I also received a parcel from Kimber, who knit an adorable hat & matching booties for Mackenzie. Thank you Kimber - they are absolutely great. Kimber is due the same week as me, I think 2 days before me or something. We keep joking to see who is going to "pop" first. She's having a baby girl, her 2nd girl, and I'm having a baby boy, my 2nd boy.

My iPod cozy has progress. (Even more progress since this photo was taken). I'm hoping tomorrow it'll be finished. I think it's really cute, and I cast on and did a picot edge, and I think it looks fabulous. The picot edge is really tricky to photograph, I'll try again tomorrow at photographing it. Ah, yes, you noticed. The rosewood needles are gone. I'm super sad. I went back to the LYS to exchange them (after Angela came by today) and apparently there have been huge problems with the Pony Rosewoods and they shop isn't carrying them anymore. They exchanged them for Clover DPNs, which saddened me, I really loved my Rosewoods. I will miss them. They were so pretty.

The gardener, who was supposed to show up before lunch today, finally showed up somewhere around 3:30pm. (GRR!) They made a HUGE mess of the lawn, which is ridiculous if you ask me. I'm hoping they fix it afterwards.

This (above) is where I plan on gardening my vegetable garden. I'm very excited for the gardener to finish (he's mixing the top soil & fertilizer for me, and prepping my garden for me, hopefully tomorrow). I think this is a pretty decent sized garden! Hopefully I'll be able to grow a lot of things.

And this is the same view as yesterday, minus the tree in the middle and all those bushes. The gardener also cleaned up the apple tree that belongs to the neighbor, as it hung over onto our property and there are rotten apples all over my property. (Gross). Speaking of this said neighbor, I think he's going to get a mouthful from me tomorrow. He called my house at quarter to 10pm tonight. Who the fuck calls a house that late with a 16 month old baby?? Sean & I had fallen asleep on the couch this evening (Jamie went out) and if Sean had woken up...... I would NOT have been a happy camper. Last night Sean woke up after being asleep for over an hour because one of Jamie's friends' girlfriends called because she was lost and needed directions. I was not a happy campers last night. It took me forever to get Sean back to sleep. I am not too sure why the neighbor was calling, as I simply have nothing to discuss with him. He's not paying a cent towards anything, so he gets no say in anything. The fence is being started first thing tomorrow, (and the guy is finishing up on Monday), in white. His wife (my neighbor) gets no say in the color. Unless they want to pay for half the fence (which I doubt).

Yep, I've got to call the city tomorrow morning to get them to pick up the tree branches. What a mess of my lawn. The tree removal has taken over my yard. It's so messy. I also hope it rains. There is mud everywhere that needs to be washed away.

In Mackenzie news, I honestly think he'll be here sooner rather than later. I'm in soooooo much pain right now. There is a huge pressure against my cervix, and it's getting stronger and stronger daily. It's getting to the point, where soon, it'll be as painful as the feeling I got just before my water broke with Sean. So, I decided that I should start thinking about my hospital bag. Today I picked up newborn diapers while out getting diapers for Sean. I also pulled out my hospital bag, and will start thinking about what I need for it over the weekend. I think I still have the list of what I packed in my bag during my pregnancy with Sean. Sean's hospital bag was finished being packed 2 days before my water broke. I'm kind of afraid of the same situation happening again, if I'm truly further along than what the UltraSound technician places Mackenzie's age to be at. You never know, I could actually be almost 36 weeks pregnant, and not almost 33 weeks. Who knows. Obviously Mackenzie will be born when he's ready to come out,
but I'm telling you - in this heat, with this pain/pressure, and with how swollen I've become, I'm ready. So come out whenever you want, my sweet little boy. Mommy can't wait to meet you. (I'm actually very curious to know what he will look like)....!

The June Sock Club sold out today, so I'll be posting the information shortly for the July sock club. I'm doing something a little special for the July club, but details will follow shortly.


Zonda said...

Nice yarn there! Bummer on the Rosewoods too! Awww cute hat and booties. Hopefully soon your yardwork will be done and you can enjoy :)

Jennifer Lori said...

I love your ipod cozy- is that STR?

Can I just say how cute the football hat and booties are??? Adorable!!!

It's funny...I can't see the picot edge on the cozy though. Must be the angle.

Firefly said...

You're probably going to pop next week, especially since I am supposed to be in town! If that happens I'll just have to come again in 2 weeks to meet Mackenzie! MY vote is between the 21-26. CAn't wait to see how the garden turns out, I am so jealous I want a garden!!! Looks like I'll have to wait until next Spring, but hopefully we get a house(here) by summer so i can at least do someting with flowers, or fall bulbs. Sorry to hear your so uncomfortable, but at least you won't be pregnant when the real heat/humidity starts, I couldn't imagine being in 3rd trimester in the summer, ugh.

Kimber said...

I like you iPod cover in progress, is that STR?

I am glad you like the hat/booties too, it was a pleasure to make and send them to you.

I hear yah about being done. Maybe we should start a due date pool? I was in hard labour and didn't have my bag packed so mine has been 90% packed now for a few weeks. I hope you get your bag packed asap!

Bea said...

The posh yarn is gorgeous and I like that ipod cozy.

sharon said...

Could you send your gardener my way? My yard looks WAY worse than yours before or after.
Mackenzie will come soon. cute cozy. bother about the rosewoods.
Oh - pack that bag.

Bea said...

By they way! You won the calorimetry!!

Charity said...

I can relate to the pressure - these babies get sooo heavy towards the end, and sometimes, I feel like he's trying to force his way out on his own! :0) Hang in there.

Tara said...

Wow, I can't wait to see what that garden is going to look like! And I'm sure your neighbor will calm down once the fence is up (at least, I hope so!)

g-girl said...

that yarn looks gorgeous! love that shade of red. I'm with Jennifer--i love the hat Lainie sent you and the lil football on the hat is so cool!