Thursday, May 29, 2008

may twenty-nine

**** Warning BMFA's STR Rocking Sock May 2008 Club Spoiler in this post - READ AT YOUR OWN RISK ******

Some garden updates from my house, we have some beautiful stuff going on in the front and the back of the house. Above are some white flowers that are over-taking the front garden. (The garden is on a hill in front of the house, leading to the grass. It's actually very nice!) So happy to have bought this house!

And we have some beautiful Bleeding Hearts in our garden. Oh, do I love them! The person who had our house before us, certainly had great taste for the garden. See the white flowers under them (from the previous photo...) told you they were everywhere!!

And in our backyard, there is some developments on our rose bush!!! I cannot wait for them to blossom.... I am very excited for them. I love roses.

Looks like some of the roses will blossom soon too! And by the looks, they will be red! It's a HUGE rose bush, I can't wait.

This afternoon we had the handyman come back and he put the door back onto my powder room/laundry room so now I don't have to keep running up and down the stairs when we have guests over, and neither do they. There is still some parts to touch up on the molding, etc, but it's just about done! The handyman has to come back next week at some point to finish as he has to buy a part that had gotten broken when the door frame came off.

This evening Sean & I headed just off the island of Montreal to pick up the yarn for the June Sock Club. It was an easy drive and didn't take as long as I thought. Gotta love the country! The June kit will be ready just after the weekend, and I'm hoping to get it in the mail sometime in the first to second week of June. Very excited about the kit - as you should be if you ordered one! Don't forget the July Sock Club is on sale right now, and will be the last one before our little mini-sock-club-vacation for the rest of the summer (to resume in the fall after Mackenzie is born and we have time to adjust to a routine!)

Gotta love the Montreal skyline on the way back into the city. Pretty good photo considering there was no traffic and I was driving!

I need to update my cell phone with a non-winter shot of Sean. But I just heart this kid so very much..... doesn't he make the best screen saver?

Today in the mail I got May's BMFA's Rockin' Sock Club kit. LOVE IT!! They forgot to include my mini emergency skein, so it's coming in the mail. I haven't had a chance to open the package yet, but I absolutely LOVE it! (My new love for purple).

Any of my readers (knitters) in the Kingston, Ontario area??? If so, I'll be there Wednesday with a car full of knitters and one handsome little 17 month old boy, if anyone is around. We're driving down for the Harlot event and to go to Michaels!

We stopped off at Jamie's baseball game on our way home and Sean loved watching Daddy play baseball. It was a late game, so we only stayed 2 innings, I will have to take Sean to a game soon, I think Jamie has an afternoon Sunday game coming up sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

I love that color of STR, but will have to wait for it to be available to us non clubbers (they do make it available after a year, right?)

Ann-Marie said...

i hope to be there Wednesday night.
It's my friend's Birthday and she is a new knitter--so I told her it would be a perfect day to meet the Harlot!

Hattie said...

LOVE the bleeding hearts. Wish I had some.

Mathgirl said...

Did I miss something? Are there no Michaels in Montreal or is there something extra special about this Michaels?

AliP said...

Does the plant white flowers smell pretty and stay fairly short? I think its Sweet Woodruff by the leaves.. Groundcover. Gimme.

g-girl said...

i'm so jealous of your flower garden! those bleeding hearts are so cool and that rose that has probably opened up by now is such a great color!!