Sunday, May 11, 2008

may eleven :: happy mother's day


This is my little munchkin & I on my 2nd mother's day. Last year, he was just about 19 weeks old around mother's day. This year, he's 71 weeks old! I love him to pieces and he got me a really cute mother's day card. Thank you sweetie. I also got a book called Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos. Looks good! I've really gotten into reading lately, which I had neglected for a while during Sean's first year of life.

Here is my little munchkin today in the car. He's such a cutie in his doggie hat, which he decided had to be on his head crooked! Funny kid.

We had brunch at Jamie's dad's house, and then we stopped by Jamie's mom's house for about an hour, and had dinner at my parents house. It was a nice Mother's day today!

So I finally spoke to my neighbor today, and he gave me the go-ahead to have 5 ft fence instead of a 6 ft one (more expensive for 6 ft by a lot) and to pull up all the bushes and put a fence (as long as it's within our limits of our property and not on the line) and it is okay (as long as it's done immediately) to trim the part of his apple tree that hangs over on our side. (An apple tree that apparently is a big pain in his arse because if he sprays it to rid the worms, then he can't eat the apples (toxins) and if he doesn't spray it, then there are worms and he can't eat the apples anyhow), so it's a lose lose situation with his tree). The conversation went well, and we hung up the phone.

Five minutes later he calls me back and tells me that his wife has an issue with the color that we chose for our fence. We want a white metal fence with white privacy slats. I asked him what color his wife wanted, and he said either green or brown, but that brown would go nicer to blend in with the two neighbors on either side of them, as one has a plain wood fence, the other had a brown wood stained fence.

.... so he doesn't want to pay for any of it, that's why we're putting the fence on OUR side completely and not on the property line, and he wants a SAY IN THE COLOR?? He's got to be kidding me. We're putting up a white fence, and he gets no say. I played along and said that I would look into the availability of the other colors, etc, but it's so not happening. My fence guy did say that white was the most available and always in stock, and frankly, I think white looks nice & clean, and "goes" with everything, so it's not as if I'm putting up something that doesn't match the two fences on either side of him. I honestly do not want a green or brown fence.

Yeah, this couple is really special, just like my gardener said. I really hope there isn't an issue when we put up OUR white fence.

I want to go get a good night's sleep and read a few pages in the book I'm currently reading. I haven't read much in the last few days, it's been a very busy weekend!


Laural Dawn said...

Happy Mother's Day!
I hate weird neighbours.
We're in a townhouse, and so we park in a shared lot. One of my neighbours blocked my spot (and was illegally parked) and when I went to nicely ask her to move she shouted at me!!!!

Bea said...

Happy Mother's day!!!

summer said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Hope everything goes well with the fence!!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Happy Mothers Day to you, too!

As for the fence, it's your money and your lot - go with what you want! The nerve of some people!

Jennifer Lori said...

Happy Mother's Day! leave the crazy rabbi and crazy tenants and get the crazy neighbors! I wonder if you'll at least get a knitting fairy at this place!

Jenny said...

Happy mothers day!

Tara said...

Ah, beware weird neighbors, they're a pain in the arse! I haven't been on speaking terms with mine since about a week after we moved in!

g-girl said...

that's funny that your neighbor wanted to give you his two cents on the color your fence should be! the nerve of those two. hope your mother's day was happy. :)