Monday, May 26, 2008

may twenty-six :: 34 weeks pregnant

I couldn't sleep last night. After blogging, I got on this crazy nesting kick and cleaned the house as well as did a bunch of loads of laundry, folding them all as well, until about 3 am. Jamie woke up at 3 am to go to the bathroom and was wondering why I was standing by the closet door with the light on folding laundry. I told him I was nesting, and he was like "what? get to bed!"... Nesting. Yep. I'm nesting big time. Must clean. Must organize. I'm on a HUGE organize kick. Once I've finished organizing what I need to organize, then I can continue on and be ready for Mackenzie's arrival.

34 weeks pregnant. My belly is a round basketball sized bump. I love how round it is now!

Today I had some lunch guests, my friend Marga of Firefly Adventures stopped over with her husband on their way home from Montreal back to Rochester, NY. Marga & I have been blog friends for ages now (I can't recall how long it's been, but sometime after I started blogging in late 2005 we started talking). Marga actually got married the day before me, so we've both been married just about the same amount of time! It was AWESOME to meet her finally and I can't wait to see her again next week (we're meeting up in Ontario for the day next Wednesday, more details about that later). I'm finally going to get my Dish Chair! I've ordered it off to Marga's house since Target won't ship to Canada, and she's bringing it to me next week. YEY! The wait is over! I am sooooo excited!

Before Marga left, Sean had to try on her shoes. He's had this obsession lately with trying on everyone else's shoes. As long as they are bigger than his feet, he loves it. I love watching him try to walk around in them. Silly kid!

My sister came over just before Marga left & then after my mom came by too, and we watched the movie Over Her Dead Body. It was REALLY cute. I enjoyed it. A definite chick flick. I got to knit some on the baby sweater, my sister worked on her project, my mom played with Sean a bit and then towards the end of the movie Sean fell asleep on me. It was really cute how he cuddled in my legs.

He is too funny the way he goes in my lap on one leg...mind you, it's the MOST comfortable way to cuddle with him considering I have a basketball sized belly right now...!

My fence is done! Whoot! I am so super happy with it. It was an expensive project, but worth it. Now I have a backyard that Sean can run around in and I don't have to worry about him running off. What a relief! I can start to enjoy my backyard now. There are a few things that need to be done in the yard, some new grass has to go down and I want to plant a flower garden in one corner along with some Strawberry plants. (Next year I want to add Raspberry and/or Blackberry, unless I can get my hands on some this year, and it's not too late to plant them). We'll see.

Speaking of my garden:

My garden is doing well!
Top: Onion (Red Globe), Early Calwonder Peppers
Bottom: Cantaloupe, Raddish

My tomatos are thriving as well, Sweetie Tomatoes, Beefsteak Tomatoes & San Marzano Tomatoes. Looks like I lost 1 Beeftsteak plant though, and 1 San Marzano. Beefsteak I only planted 2 and San Marzano (Italian tomatoes) I believe that I have 2 more plants.

One cucumber plant is completely dead. (See above left). The right hand pictured cucumber plant, Jamie says that the stem is very strong and it may just be the leaves that are dead, we're hoping for a comeback, but I planted some more cucumber seeds, so we'll see what happens. And my zucchini plant in the ground is doing well, as well I think the 2 that I pot planted are thriving as well, I'll re-check on those tomorrow, I forgot to check on them today.
|And the lettuce is THRIVING! I planted (top) 2 rows of each, Black Seeded Simpson & Paris Island lettuce, one row of which I started in the house before the last frost, and one row of seeds directly into the ground. It was a test, I want to see what happens, and what works best. They are thriving the pre-planted seeds, and the newly planted seeds, we'll have to wait & see what happens! On the bottom in the picture, I have my Boston Lettuce, which I bought plants for because it's the one plant I forgot to buy seeds for, and they are doing VERY well in the garden! I have about 8-9 plants - they look great! I can't wait to be able to eat salad all summer long that I picked from my own yard. That's the plan. And I am so excited!

There are other items also in my garden, once there is more progress, I'll post more pictures! Promise!

A mommy friend of mine introduced me to a song called Mackenzie by Eric Jackson. You can listen to the song off this website I just linked. I downloaded it from iTunes and it's now on my iPod touch. Wow- what a beautiful song. It's all about a baby named Mackenzie. Now I need to find a song with Sean's name in it!

Just a reminder that the July Sock Club has been listed to Robyn's Nest! It's the last sock club for the summer until I have baby Mackenzie and get him & I back onto a schedule. We'll be resuming the club in the very early fall, so don't worry - the sock club is not gone forever. It's just taking a short mini-vacation. A mini-vacation that is must needed under the circumstances! A lot of work goes into putting together the sock kits, and while I totally enjoy doing them, it will be hard with a nursing baby who isn't sleeping through the nights right away. (Wouldn't that be lovely? For babies to be born nursing right away!)

Tomorrow the repair guy is coming to take a look at the Central Air unit as well, the handyman is coming to do a few things around the house that he neglected to do, but that we paid him to do. (Don't you love it when you pay them and they run off with work half done??) (This is the same handyman who built my yarn room shelving units, etc).... haven't seen him since late November or so!

I have about 8 pages left in the book I'm currently reading, I'll be going to finish those off now! I'm hoping tonight I don't fall asleep while reading them.


Zonda said...

Wow, I bet you can't wait for the birth, then you can stop the nesting ;) The fence looks nice, I've never seen those slats put in straight before, I like it better than slanted I've seen. The garden is looking better and better. Enjoy your new backyard!

Kimber said...

I hope that AC guy gets the job done ASAP!

Your belly looks great - dare I say even a tad lower?

Hattie said...

I didn't nest with either of my kids. I just got really restless. I would stay up late and crochet. Of course that was back before I got into knitting so much. :)

Jenny said...

What a cute little snugglebunny! I love the picture of him sleeping on you--too sweet.

Tara said...

Your garden is looking great! I've got sprouting on mine, as well! Yippeee!

Jimk said...

"Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon was written for hi sson, Sean, and he mentions the boy's name in the last line of the song!

Jennifer said...

yay f0r the basketball belly and yay f0r the finished fence - b0th l00k great!

Ps - c0mPuter Pr0blems are t0tally keePing me fr0m checking bl0glines, s0 i'm b0rr0wing my sister's laPt0P, which is fine, but missing s0me keys, hence the zer0s fr 0's ;)

g-girl said...

that's so cool that you got to meet Marga and that you'll be getting your very own dish chair! :) the lettuce looks great. sorry to hear some of your cucumber didn't make it. :(